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Fox...Yikes! - 05/10/14 04:18 PM

Not sure this is the appropriate section, but this seemed the best for what I could find?

I swear I seen a fox near the coop tonight? Not sure, it moved to darn quick, and I was in the house? It was light brown, with white on it, but could have been a big cat, and I mean big cat, but it moved to fast for the feral cats around here?

Any suggestions? Ideas? I feel I have a pretty secure coop, but until something tests it one never knows?

I know I am new to this site, but would really like any advice anyone can give? Thanks in advance...
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Re: Fox...Yikes! - 05/10/14 08:06 PM

Foxes can have a brownish hue to their pelts. Was the door to the coop left open, how do you think it could have gotten in? Are there obvious holes?
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Re: Fox...Yikes! - 05/11/14 03:02 PM

We have fox, never a threat, as houses are snug at night and safe from most predators.
Daytimes, fencing must also be secure from daytime predators. Fence wire must be 6inches or more under groung at the bottom, for digging predators, including fox. I do not have that problem, but do have netting over the top of outside pens, for hawks.

Grizzly Bears was my only great loss, they can go wherever they want to~ However, my houses are now electrified at night and supposed to be Grizzly proof~! Raccoon loss is the only one I have had in daytime (mother with 3 young) and so could not leave them out daytimes until the 4-some were trapped and eliminated. It is up to us to protect our birds! I do not raise ANY for feed for predators!! Good luck.

Oh, Bobcats will just take one bird at a time, if they can get in. Raccoon kill everything that moves!
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Re: Fox...Yikes! - 05/12/14 07:02 PM

I have chased fox off in the daylight, granted more towards evening but I still can remember me at the kitchen table watching the flock for fox. When one showed up I flew down the stairs in my socks yelling profusely and engaged in making a general ruckus. That time it left empty mouthed.

Take care, IHGirl. There's nothing that frustrates me more than losing a good bird to a predator.
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Re: Fox...Yikes! - 05/13/14 01:48 PM

I am so uncertain of what I seen? It was a light brownish red, with white on it. It moved so fast, and by the time I ran out, it was no where to be seen. All I kept thinking in my head was sly as a fox!

My coop has welded wire 2 x 4 squares, with hardware cloth up a foot and buried an inch under ground, but now covered in grass and weeds. The top is covered with the same welded wire as we have a huge hawk population here. Several on a daily basis.

The coop is only 3 yrs old, newly build, so pretty secure, but never envisioned I had to worry about fox.

The fox, if that's what it was, never got into the coop, just ran behind the back part, and as I came scampering out, must have ran into the woods?

Have been out there to close them up earlier than usual the past few nights. The neighbor has chickens/rooster, so Have been listening to Mr. rooster to see if I hear other calls, calls of a warning??

Thanks so much...I lost on of my hens this winter...she just went down so fast, and she was such a sweetie. don't want to lose any more.
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Re: Fox...Yikes! - 05/13/14 03:07 PM

Sounds like you are prepared and protected from the fox. However, 2"x4" wire would not keep out weasels, and young Mink can get in unusually small places. Good luck