spent brewers grain

Posted by: HeritageHens

spent brewers grain - 03/09/15 08:56 AM

Wondering if anyone has ever fed spent brewers grain to their poultry flock. In a recent poultry magazine issue there was a small article about using it for the flock by sprinkling it out in the pasture. The chickens seemed to love it.
Posted by: Uno

Re: spent brewers grain - 03/10/15 12:30 AM

I see no one has answered you. I can't answer you either. What do you mean by brewer's grain? I am thinking it's the left over grain (barley?) from brewing beer or such. Would it have an alcohol content?

I always hate having to chase our chickens down at butcher time. I think ANY stress to your food animals can destroy the finished product. In fact, with beef, this is a known fact!

I have often thought we should soak bread or something in some kind of alcohol, scatter that around for the birds to eat and when they are all drunk and passed out, THEN we chop their heads. They would never see it coming! Perfectly unstressed birds.

Despite thinking this is a good idea, when I have thrown leftover fruit from the wine process to the chickens, they will not eat it. I don't know if birds are turned off by alcohol or maybe I just make really bad wine.

I hope someone answers you, I would be interested to know what brewer's grain is. (I could google, but I'm too lazy)
Posted by: Askari

Re: spent brewers grain - 03/11/15 11:14 PM

Hi Heritage hens - I've fed my birds my spent grains for a few years now. However, I only feed out a small amount at a time, no more than 1kg.

There's no alcohol in the grain, its essentially just roasted soaked grain!

Feed it in small amount and see how they go.
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Re: spent brewers grain - 03/13/15 11:16 AM

OK, that is a big help. I will contact local breweries and see what is available. I would only use this as a treat, somewhat like millet, as I have both chickens and Guineas. Uno, it is called spent brewer's grain because it has already been used and then it is thrown out.
In Vermont in late fall, you get a lot of tipsy cows and birds once the apples have dropped and are fermenting on the ground. My flock cleans up most of the apples that the various wild and domestic apple trees produce. The deer have the rest. I'll let you all know how this endeavor turns out.
Posted by: Askari

Re: spent brewers grain - 03/14/15 04:45 AM

They'll love it.