missing hens

Posted by: david79

missing hens - 07/19/15 07:58 PM

It's been few years sense i've had chickens. I got these a little over a month ago. Been letting them roam the yard every morning till the evening. Yesterday 2 did not come back. Today one didnt come back. They go into a cornfield. What is could be getting them?
Posted by: Robbie

Re: missing hens - 07/20/15 01:22 PM

any chance they are just getting lost?
Posted by: coopmaster

Re: missing hens - 07/21/15 02:38 PM

Free range is risky, no matter where you live. Even a fenced are is not totally safe. If you want to keep hens, you must protect them. There are so many predators that we do not see ourselves, daytime, or those that prowl at night. Yes, lost is possible, for a time, but not very likely. Chickens do not like to sleep on the ground and would seek roosting place...... Predators can locate prey. Their survival depends upon it, and it is instinctive for them to find our chickens! Good luck
Posted by: Foehn

Re: missing hens - 07/23/15 03:55 AM

Does the cornfield belong to you or a neighbour? If a neighbour they may be unwelcome intruders, but a cornfield is good cover for all sorts of predators.
What kinds of predatory wildlife have you in the local area?
Posted by: david79

Re: missing hens - 07/25/15 08:58 PM

No cornfield isnt mine. The only thing ive sen around my house was a possum at night.
Posted by: david79

Re: missing hens - 07/25/15 09:10 PM

Last time i had free range chickens. I had a great pyrenees. At that time i over 50 hens. Had no problems but live in a different house.