How tough is bloom?

Posted by: Uno

How tough is bloom? - 11/07/12 09:32 AM

I used the search function but could not find what I wanted.

I know that bloom can be washed off an egg, but how easily? How tough is bloom? HOw sticky is it? Does it have any qualities that can survive light washing? Note I said LIGHT washing. I am pretty sure that intense water pressure, agitation, hard scrubbing or soap of any sort will remove bloom.

But what if you just submerge eggs in very warm water, gentley finger rub any dirty bits and let them air dry. What percentage of bloom might still remain on the egg?

I have not been able to find any information on bloom removal with different kinds of washing techniques. I know we all have our own ideas, but I am seeking hard data. I guess I would like the data to support my view (what a surprise) that you can very lightly clean an egg and some bloom may remain on the shell. My thinking is that anything that happens inside a chicken is mucous based. Mucous is slime. Having had dogs who produce copious amounts of drool (slime, mucous) and found this dog product glopped on various surfaces, I have learned that removing dry slime is harder than you think!

So applying my knowledge that dog drool is not simply wiped up but must be vigorously scrubbed/scraped off a wall...I have to think that chicken bloom slime, while much thinner, can withstand a fleeting encounter with water, if handled with care. But again...I need the hard evidence and I can't find it.
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Re: How tough is bloom? - 11/07/12 11:45 AM

Dog drool has enzymes, food residue, a different source of "bloom" or saliva, more complex than the lubricant of the reproductory tract. Since the bloom on eggs still leaves the shell porous, it might be removed easily? Hard facts???? Unwashed eggs (as in large fowl setting hen's stolen nests with up to 20 eggs--or more) keep well. Is it the bloom that helps keep the correct moisture for embryo development until and when temperature is added during the set?
My daughter works with USDA--eggs--will ask her, but doubt it is a concern for store designated eggs (just clear eggs of segregated weights.) CJR

We believe store eggs do not keep "fresh" as long as our unwashed "farm raised" eggs do. ( I sometimes have 3 months old eggs, refrigerated, that have yolks stand up nicely, but seldom have them that longand if so, prefer to use them for baking or hardboiled for the dog.. And in cities, eggs in the store may already be weeks old! We assume so much!
Posted by: Wieslaw

Re: How tough is bloom? - 11/07/12 03:24 PM

I'm not sure in 'what context' do you need this information? Is it the survival of the bloom itself that is the goal, or other purpose?

I can give you hard data in following context: I experimented with washing of hatching eggs with hand soap and finger rub. It did not have ANY influence on hatching in my case. So no matter if the bloom survived or not(I do not know), the chicks hatched.
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Re: How tough is bloom? - 11/08/12 11:34 PM

THank you CJR and Wieslaw.

I was wondering if bloom can survive any washing at all. Some people scrub hard with high pressure water and soap, which I would think would remove all the bloom. Others gentley dip in warm water and only rub the dirty bits, no soap, no pressure. I tend to think this might preserve some of the bloom, but I cannot say for sure. So I'm trying to determine, how sticky/tough is bloom?

I also lightly wash my hatching eggs if they need it. Can't say if this affects hatch rate or not. 100 different things can effect hatch rate, how do you ever know?
Posted by: Foehn

Re: How tough is bloom? - 11/09/12 02:37 AM

I don't think that washing with warm water and a gentle wipe reduces much of the bloom. I get the occasional dirty egg and always put them in the basin with warm water. I agitate the water a bit and most of the goop/poop will fall off. If it is a bit stubborn, I use a wet soft cloth and wipe over with that. Judging by how sticky the eggs feel as they dry, I think most of the bloom is intact.
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Re: How tough is bloom? - 11/13/12 08:03 PM

Foehn, my gut agrees with you. But I wish I could find some scientific study to determine this. I might have to do one myself...if I only knew how.