chicken not laying

Posted by: amylynn

chicken not laying - 02/27/13 09:10 PM

My 9 month old chicken has stopped laying for 3 weeks. Its cold and dark so I have light on all day and night. Other chicken is laying daily.
Posted by: Foehn

Re: chicken not laying - 02/27/13 11:26 PM

There are so many things that will influence a hen laying, so without an overview of how she eats, behaves, her feather condition, the kind of poop she is doing, it is difficult to diagnose what has stopped her. Is she for instance going broody?, moulting, how is her condition, is she thin?, does she have lice? worms? fresh water?
How long had she been laying? She might just be taking a little break.
If she is bright, happy and eating well it tends to rule out any more sinister options.
Some more details would help us.
Posted by: amylynn

Re: chicken not laying - 02/28/13 07:12 AM

Thanks for your advice. I don't know which chicken is not laying. They both are eating. I will take a closer look at her feathers. Neither chicken is thin. Can they get lice in the winter when it has been below freezing?

Posted by: Fowled Out

Re: chicken not laying - 02/28/13 09:02 PM

Yes they can. The lice live on their bodies.
Posted by: ssc

Re: chicken not laying - 03/01/13 09:27 AM

If you pick them both up (its easier at night after they have gone to sleep) and check between the pin bones (these are the two bones just above where the egg and poop comes out) the one which is laying should have a larger space between the bones.

Of course it maybe that each hen is laying, just not every day!

The previous advice is worth following. :-)