Mottles and pin feathers

Posted by: Robbie

Mottles and pin feathers - 08/11/15 11:31 AM

Does anyone know if the pin feathers on dark chickens (e.g. Ancona, Speckled Sussex)) are light in colour, on birds with lots of mottles?
Posted by: Berend

Re: Mottles and pin feathers - 08/13/15 04:46 AM

The packaging of a pinfeather is very thin and almost transparent , it's the same material as the feather. Mo/mo on black gives mostly white feathers on chicks so that's on the light side, don't know about other feathercolours and mottled.
Posted by: Robbie

Re: Mottles and pin feathers - 08/13/15 05:17 AM

Thanks Berend! the reason I am asking, is that dark birds have dark pin feathers which make them difficult to process cleanly- but if a mottle was introduced into the line, the plucked chicken might look cleaner. Just a hypothetical breeding question for now. Sounds promising though.