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Hello from Uno - 01/24/18 12:54 AM

Hello everyone who might remember who I am. It has been a while since I've been here. I see a few familiar names are still posting but things are still much quieter than the riotous times I remember from way back.

I still have a few chickens. Have been fooling around breeding and hatching and have developed a unique strain of bird with the fascinating ability to lay only 6 eggs a year. I seem to have bred egg laying right out of my chickens. I am so pleased. (not!)

After having a flock that was predominantly black from Australorp influence, I've had a few gray birds pop up. Some with black skin. I like the gray birds, they are in all hues. Some with darker heads, some all over pale gray that I like to call lavender although I'm pretty sure it's not. I also am suddenly having the odd white bird pop up, which is completely bizarre since I have not had a white bird in my flock in over 10 years. The last hatch to come out of my homebuilt bator produced 3 whites out of a hatch of 12. They were so much bigger than their black and gray hatchmates. While I do not want white birds I am keeping the one white rooster just to see how big he gets. He is very friendly and mild, messy white with gray splotches all over. Trips over his own feet. Reminds me of my husband.

In other news my daughter grew up, bought a mobile home, moved out, sold the mobile home and moved back in with us. Hub lost his job of 20 years, had a crisis, wandered lost in the wilderness for a few years, and is now back at the same workplace that let him go. It was beyond awful and when men are told to NOT make their jobs their life, there is wisdom in those words. There is nothing but pain and agony when you give all to a workplace that sees you as a number and will replace you in a heartbeat. Nothing but betrayal and lost identity lay on the path of My Job Is My Life. A livelihood is NOT a life. I hope Hub never confuses the two again. He does so at his own peril.

As for me, I am just trying to get my head screwed on straight after a bout with breast cancer. What happened to my body was bad enough, but what happened to my mind is even worse. I lost a lot of hope and joy and any idea that I had a future. I have been getting rid of items, writing will and power of attorney. I have not been handed a death sentence just yet. But I have spent a year researching and have come to realize that the word 'cure' cannot truly be applied to breast cancer. Postponed is more like it.

I hope all of you are well. I hope it is okay to blurt this all out here. But I just wanted to say hello and hope some of you will post about how you are doing. I truly want to know.
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Re: Hello from Uno - 01/24/18 04:21 PM

Have not forgotten you-- with words of experience that you posted--useful to many who checked this COOP and pictured your activities. Could write somewhat similar message about me and my health, but not now, and will, instead, let you know that you are facing reality--and yet with HOPE and continued ACTIVITY. That is life support! Am presently sorting and boxing YEARS of my bantam study, breeding and sharing materials! Much is to be dumped, yet boxes and files of it will be mailed to a bantam breeder to keep ( a history that I think no one else will have collected). Once it is gone, I will not think of it again (am programming myself). Included are a number of printouts from this site, that had no other source. Hope your daughter is as helpful as one of mine is, who lives on a farm nearby. My bantams are still my good friends and now, are from 4 to 11 years old hens, and are not expected to produce many eggs this year! That is okay, I am supporting a young girl in 4H that is keeping lovely laying hens, and I buy eggs from her. Would be happy to know that she plans to be in the egg business to support her poultry, pig, exhibition breeding, as well as vegetable growing, canning/freezing--my kind of future I hoped for when I was her age (but had to wait until I married a Dairy Farmer and could get going with horses, dogs, cats, then BANTAMS. He has been gone for many years,and that is when I decided to get busy and not just grieve--as other friends my age have done--and let their lives waste away in front of TV! Few regrets, just now am starting some great DVD classes in Math, History, to review years ago University classes--and keep the OLD mind active. My TV quit months ago, and I am not replacing it! No commercials in the DVDs and can go back and review and look forward to every new lesson. When Spring arrives, a granddaughter will again help learn gardening and do the digging that I can no longer manage. I still read Seed catalogs like novels! AND I still read all the posts on the COOP--can still collect to share or learn something great--for me. I always want to THANK those regulars with knowledge to share from across the seas, for their posts! You can edit or delete this--just know that there are still some bits of blue sky and sunshine that pop into our lives (in spite of the dark, cloudy and discouraging parts!!!)And if you can find that bit of sunny time--I will reach out my hand to you--even give a hug, if you can imagine it? My family took my horses, had to part with my dear old dog- (and all the books and registration materials for and about them)-but my chickens still talk to me--and chicken-people are pretty nice to carry feed sacks, wash waterers--and I have good friends who live in town--and think it is FUN to clean the coop and mow the grass in the fenced, covered pasture, when the snow is gone and the green grass comes again. Share LOVE!
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Re: Hello from Uno - 01/25/18 12:14 PM

CJR - hello and you do my heart good to see you still here, a root that runs deep on this site!

To keep my mushy gray matter from rotting I took up studying Spanish but admit that lately my concentration is not good. I have to get back at it.

Carry on living the good life, CJR! I try every day to get back in the saddle but the docs have not given me the all clear and I am awaiting more tests. Hoping for the best but braced for the worst.

You take care and teach that lucky youngster everything you know.
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Re: Hello from Uno - 02/14/18 01:23 PM

Uno, it is so good to hear from you. You are never too far from my thoughts and I have always appreciated your great sense of humour. I have been busy in chicken world, trying to breed some red columbian wyandottes and have at last begun to get some good results. Haven't quite stabilized the colour yet, but then Gold laced and silver laced are never quite consistent so I am not at all disappointed. The last colt that was here was finally sold last year. (a huge relief as he was getting pretty bolshi) He sold at the ready to run sale for $35,000 and I think he went to Australia. We ended up pretty annoyed with his owner for taking absolute advantage of us, even borrowing our horse float to move him off the place for the last time, without asking us if he could use the float. I guess in the end, we wouldn't have said no, as we were too relieved to see him gone. We have spent the last 12 months trying to restore the wrecked pasture and rid it of a serious weed problem. Nice to see it looking good this month after our drought broke and there is a lot of rye and clover re-emerging.
If we do take in horses for grazing again, it will be short term leases of spelling racehorses, (no colts) and only in months when it is not wet, like in the winter.
Been pretty tired this month with a sick calf in the stable. vets are at a loss as to what is wrong with him apart from a high temp of 41.1 c and scouring. He's back on a "top shelf" antibiotic for the next week, so it remains to be seen if he improves.
Uno, will drop you a personal line soon as I can. I miss our "chats"
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Re: Hello from Uno - 08/20/18 01:29 PM

Uno, not forgotten.......