Broody hen breeds

Posted by: Susie

Broody hen breeds - 12/29/06 02:14 PM

We're trying a few new breeds right now and I was wondering which ones might have the potential to go broody. I already have a broody Orpington and that's really the only breed I've ever had success with in the past. One of my gold laced Wyandottes is acting broody. I'm not totally sure about her yet. I'm not wanting to hatch any eggs or anything like that right now, but I was curious to compile a list of what breeds you've had go broody and if you gave them eggs, were they successful?

I've had several broody Buff Orpingtons in the past and they made good mothers as well. I also had a cross-breed offspring of one of those girls, crossed with a Barred Rock, go broody and successfully hatch and raise chicks.

What have your experiences been?
Posted by: Oakie

Re: Broody hen breeds - 12/29/06 06:28 PM

Hey Susie,

I have had a lot of luck with my Cochins and my Silkies. A standard size Cochin can hold a lot of eggs and are usually really good mothers.
Posted by: Jocelyn

Re: Broody hen breeds - 12/30/06 05:24 AM

I've had realy good hatches from Rapa Nuis, Quechuas, heirloom Araucanas, and Mille Fleur D'Uccles. Good mothers too, raised most of the chicks. Had the occasioal barred Rock set and raise chciks too.
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Re: Broody hen breeds - 12/30/06 02:01 PM

Broodiness may depend on different things - confined or free ranged, feed, how safe the hens feel where they are, etc.

Broodiness is being bred out of a lot of birds due to electric incubators. The hatcheries have no choice with all their orders, but backyarders do the same.

See if this list measures up to your experiences:
Posted by: Foehn

Re: Broody hen breeds - 12/31/06 12:06 AM

Have had great success with SLW hens. Make great mothers and because they're generally quiet natured, the chicks will be the same.
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Re: Broody hen breeds - 01/01/07 10:14 PM

One of my best broodies was "The Mother Ship" (aka Buff Orpington)- she was a horrid layer but one of my best mommas, ever. Another one I liked was an Easter Egg mutt hen, always did a great job setting for me. I've got OEGBs now, and my wee banty birds have made the most impressive parents yet. Both male & female are SUPER protective of the babies, yet not aggressive or 'mean' at all.

Far as other birds go, I've got a crazy one-eyed duck named Cap'n Ron who immediately tries to set on any egg-shaped thing she sees. She's been desperately trying to hatch a rock off & on for the last few months. Wish it wasn't winter, as I'd let her raise some babies...she's a dang good mom, so I'll put her to good use this spring. wink
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Re: Broody hen breeds - 01/02/07 04:48 PM

LOL!!!!! :rolleyes: I hope cap'n ron has her 'wings full' this year