Criteria for Showing Chooks

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Criteria for Showing Chooks - 10/13/03 01:35 AM

Hi. I don't know if this is the right place to ask this, but does anyone know what criteria they would mark a hen or rooster on if they were takien to a show - I am thinking of Silver-Grey Dorkings. Does anyone know of any websites -so far I've come up empty-handed.
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Re: Criteria for Showing Chooks - 10/13/03 08:48 AM

The American Poultry Association(APA)and the American Bantam Association(ABA) each publish a standard of perfection(SOP). These pubs list and describe each variety of each breed. It describes the shape , color, comb type, recommended weights and so forth for the ideal animal. They are judged as to how well they compare to that ideal. If you have a serious desire to learn more, a copy is a good investment. The APA currently is selling their black and white SOP for $15 shipping included. The ABA version only covers bantam breeds, the APA covers all.
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Re: Criteria for Showing Chooks - 10/13/03 08:49 AM

I don't know about how Aussies show birds, but in the US, we have a book, The Standard of Perfection that tells what each breed should look like and weigh. I'm sure that if you were buy that book, the criteria would be similar for an Australian show.

Two big things are correct type(how the bird holds itself) and correct color. If they have both of those, they're usually show quality.
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Re: Criteria for Showing Chooks - 10/13/03 03:43 PM

Jim Adkins, APA/ABA General Judge and ABA Bantam Ducks, has made several trips to Australia with a tour, to visit poultry breeders and has judged shows down under. He will know if there is an Australian Poultry Federation with pubished standards, or what Standards are used for the Shows. CJR