Saying goodbye

Posted by: Bill Ludwig

Saying goodbye - 01/27/04 04:02 PM

A very special chicken has passed on frown . Her name is Nique. Short for her breed, Dominique. She made herself known to us after only a couple days. In a brooder with twenty five other chicks, she stood out. Whenever we would lean over the top of the brooder to see them, she would come over and look up at us as if to say “Get me out of here. I don’t belong with all these chickens”. Nique did indeed enjoy being picked up smile . Later in life she would decide when she wanted to be handled. Some days she would sit in your lap for near an hour letting you pet her while she would cat nap. We would play a game where I would pretend to have something in my hand and she would scrape her beak across my fingers or the back of my hand till I opened it so she could see what was inside. On Christmas morning she came inside and helped open gifts. She pulled at the paper and stood on her toes to see what was in the box. When she saw it wasn’t something to eat she started looking for another package. Many found memories, too many to list. smile laugh frown
Her death was very sudden, no illness that we knew of, no suffering. The day before she was very active and playful. She was just dead when I went out to see them in the morning. If she had to leave us at this time. I am thankful it happened this way. Nique would have been three years old in March.

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Goodbye Nique our special, special chicken. We miss you very much! Thanks for sharing your life with us. laugh frown frown

Bill & Connie
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Re: Saying goodbye - 01/27/04 04:19 PM

Sorry to hear about the death of your chicken bill. Reading what you wrote about her it's easy to see that she wormed her way into ur heart, made a nest and stayed there. It's always hard when one of the flock dies, but more so with a hen that is extra special. Keep Smiling:) and stay well!
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Re: Saying goodbye - 01/27/04 04:31 PM

I had a Silver-Grey Dorking called Penny, much like yours. When she was laying an egg she used to try and scratch my hand underneath her and sit on it. I sat there for about half an hour one day till she layed the egg! She also used to take my hankercheif and sit on it. She also did that thing where she tries to see what's inside your hand. If we left the back door of the house open, she would run in.

She, and another mis-sex RIR (I think) died in very sudden circumstances within the one week. Could have eaten rat poison. They were both my favourite - the Dorking dead in the shed on the floor, the mis-sex under the clothes line. I was a bit suspicicious there for a while.

Oh well, only the good die young. Wouldn't you know it - the LEAST tame hen I have has lived for about 5 years, and ALL my favourite pet ones have died an early death. It seems a price they pay for being tame.

Sorry to hear about your loss - It'll be hard to replace her - I never knew chooks could be so unique till I got my first 5 hens in late 2000.

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Re: Saying goodbye - 01/27/04 05:11 PM

That's a beautiful story, Bill. Condolences to you and your family.
Posted by: Sally

Re: Saying goodbye - 01/27/04 06:22 PM

Hi all,
Bill, Connie, please accept my condolences also. I know mere words can't begin to heal the pain of a loss of a loved one. I think that is what makes this site so special to me....above all the different opinions and levels of knowledge one thing stands out, we all love our poultry! I do hope another biddy will catch your eye, perhaps an offspring of Nique's if she was laying and with a roo. I hope the rest of your year goes better and you suffer no more losses. She indeed was a very pretty hen.
Posted by: Spotted Crow

Re: Saying goodbye - 01/28/04 07:22 AM

Oh what a bummer. Sorry for your loss, Bill. frown
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Re: Saying goodbye - 01/28/04 07:33 AM

I'm so sorry for your loss ... it's making me cry frown

It's nice to know that Niche was so well-loved --

no other words here ... just a "cyber hug" from a fellow bird lover.

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Re: Saying goodbye - 01/28/04 08:04 AM

Oh Bill, this wasn't just one of your chickens, this was your special girl. I am truly sorry you had to lose her. She sounds like my Charlotte. She is the one that would flap up into my hand as a chick and sit on my shoulder while I did laundry and will sit in my lap still when I call her to me. Your Nique will live on in your many special memories. Thank you for sharing them with us.
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Re: Saying goodbye - 01/28/04 09:44 AM

I'm so sorry Bill and Connie. It's just not fair when something like this happens to someone as special and warm-hearted as you. Another 'cyber hug' from me too. XXXOOO
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Re: Saying goodbye - 01/28/04 10:37 AM

Hi Bill, thank you for sharing some fond memories of made me cry, too. You had a special bond with her, for sure. Her picture is beautiful.
Posted by: Bill Ludwig

Re: Saying goodbye - 01/28/04 02:57 PM

Hi All

I cant thank all of you enough!! My wife has been feeling horrible. She told me the worse part was that she didn't think that anybody understood why she kept crying at work frown . I printed off all your replys both here, from PM's and in the health forum. She doesn't do the computer thing. I gave them to her and she read them all. She is still sad but she doesn't feel alone and knows that others do understand! They say that the internet is impersonal, in this case it has been just the opposite. Thank you again for all your kind words. You have helped more than you know!!

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Re: Saying goodbye - 01/28/04 04:51 PM

And here is one more cyber-hug for the both of you from me. I am sorry about Nique. She sounded like a wonderful bird. - Cedewyyne
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Re: Saying goodbye - 01/29/04 03:01 AM

Ah, Bill...sorry about your pet. I had Hazel for 17 years and felt awfull when she died too. It doesn't matter what species a pet is, if you loved them, you miss them when they die. Hazel was a chciken too. I do know why Connie was crying..tell her I said so, too, please. I shed a tear or two also when Hazel died. Nique sounds like she was such a nice hen. Well, her memories are still going to be with you always.
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Re: Saying goodbye - 01/29/04 03:09 AM

I'm so sorry for you and your wife's loss. People don't seem to understand that pets worm their way into your heart same as a a person would. When it comes to chickens, they have the hardest time understanding. How could we get so attached to a "silly bird". When you open your heart it's quite easy to get attached and in the end it is the people who don't know the joy of bonding with a pet who I feel bad for. They will never know the joy that a beloved pet can bring. Take care.
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Re: Saying goodbye - 01/29/04 07:51 AM

Losing a loved one is so hard. She was a beautiful companion. Thank you for sharing the story of her life with us. We share in your grief.