My first easter egger

Posted by: Larissa

My first easter egger - 01/29/04 03:07 PM

After going beyond 35 weeks old, I had started to give up on one of my two Auracana pullets, Phyllis, thinking that she may never lay eggs. The other pullets started in November. But as of yesterday, she finally gave me her first and just as I had hoped, it turned out to be a beautiful light green.

The eggs I now gather look so pretty together --- light pinky-brown, brown and now green! I know it's a small wonder, but it's very exciting . laugh
Posted by: Bill Ludwig

Re: My first easter egger - 01/29/04 03:41 PM

Congrats to Phyllis! It is exciting, I understand wink .

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Re: My first easter egger - 01/30/04 09:50 AM

Congrats Lari. I still have 2 easter eggers not laying but I am waiting. How did the door opener work out?
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Re: My first easter egger - 01/30/04 12:42 PM

Congrat! Our Americaunas started laying long after the others too and I remember how thrilled were were when we found our first beautiful green egg in the nesting boxes!! And yes, they certainly look pretty in the bowl! I never get tired of looking at them and thinking how lovely they are! Enjoy!
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Re: My first easter egger - 01/30/04 12:48 PM

Chookers--- I'm still monkeying around with the door. I got all the parts, assembled and tested it and the stop position kept changing I think because the door was heavier than the counterweight. I could finish it this weekend but now I have to admit that I'm on the fence once again about keeping my roo. All this trouble with the door and sound insulation is all for him. If I just had my girls then I wouldn't be doing any of this. I still would like to keep him but as time wears on I am worried about getting in trouble with the city for keeping a roo even though my neighbors still don't seem to care. The local feed store's owner offered to let me bring him in on Saturdays for adoption. But, then I worry about the possibility of him going to a crappy home or getting eaten.
Anyway, I'm still trying to figure it all out. Sorry for the long-winded answer to your question.

If you're still reading -- what do your Auracana's look like? Phyllis is cream colored, mottled with reddish feathers on her chest and wings ( I call it "carmel sundae"). She has blue-grey legs and feet. I've heard from others that body coloration isn't an indication of what color of eggs an Auracana is going to lay -- but somehow I just suspected that the blue-grey leg thing meant blue or green eggs.
Posted by: Rhea Dean Carter

Re: My first easter egger - 01/31/04 07:51 PM

It sounds like you have an Easter Egger, not an Araucana. Araucanas have tufts and are rumpless; while Ameraucanas have muffs, beards, and tails with slate-blue leggs and white skin. Go to to find additional information and see photos of tufted and rumpless Araucanas. You can visit for photos and additional information about Ameraucanas (notice the spelling--NOT "Americanas").

Most hatcheries are nortorious for passing off colored-egg-laying chickens as Araucanas and/or Ameraucanas ("Americanas")when in fact they are just a mixed breed commonly known as Easter Eggers.

Leg color and feather color have nothing to do with egg shell color. It's the genetic make-up of the female that determines the color of her eggs.

Rhea Dean
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Re: My first easter egger - 02/03/04 07:54 AM

Chknlari, I also had to get rid of my Roo but he was a bad boy. My neighbors never complained about him but one noticed thet he was gone as the 3am crowing stopped. wink

My easter eggers are all bearded. I have
1 splash, 1 blue with black head, 1 golden laced, 1 silver with black head, and 1 silver and buff. I lost one to an eagle 2 weeks ago (silver and white) frown I am down to 14 chickie girls. All the rest are BIG chickies. I love the variety.

It is the counter weight that is making things difficult. It is making the cord slip. You could try a thicker cord as thats what I did. I found some cord at Walmart that is the same as the pull cord on blinds. Works great
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Re: My first easter egger - 02/03/04 08:56 AM

One of my easter eggers hatched out her first two chicks this past weeked. One is a bantam turken ands the other half easter egger and half turken. She is a great mom.
Posted by: Larissa

Re: My first easter egger - 02/04/04 12:29 PM

Hi all, and thanks Rhea for the clarification on what breed I actually have. Yes, when I picked out Phyllis and Maud at the hatchery last spring they told me that they were "Auracanas", but obviously that's not what I have. Both are bearded and have tails. I guess I need to start calling them either easter eggers of Ameraucanas.

Chookers, got the door figured out and it has been working great for the past two days. They were so funny the first morning it opened for them though. When I heard the opener running from inside the house, it was followed by the alarm call from Lucifer, my roo. Then they were afraid to come out. I actually had to go out there to encourage them. They are fine with it now though. Sorry to hear that you had to get rid of your boy. Where did he go? Luckily, mine doesn't start in until 7am but I am still planning on putting him up for adoption this spring. Your girls sound very pretty. I as well really like the variety that Ameraucanas have. It makes me wish I could have more. smile
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Re: My first easter egger - 02/04/04 07:01 PM

Hi chknlari,

The door will probably need one more adjustment in about a week (at least mine did) and since then (2months) no tune-ups at all. laugh The first time it opened for my girls I was in the coop with them to watch the reactions. Very funny. Everybody had a good look at the open door then they looked at me like "how did that happen when your in here".

My Roo (Wally) went to the great white coop in the sky. I had to have the neighbor come and do the deed. He just went nasty. I actually chased him around the yard with a broom after a triple play attack he launched at me. Got me 3 times with his feet the rotter. Then he went after my daughter the next day. My daughter says he tasted the best.

The door is very handy to have. I have the luxury of working from home (accountant) but need to actually go to work on occassion laugh . I have to leave at about 6:00am which is too early for the girls. So the door lets them out at 7:45am. No more begging favours from the neighbors.