Hello From Tennessee!

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Hello From Tennessee! - 01/01/07 02:08 AM

Hello! Just a little about me. laugh
I'm a mom of 3. 2 boys 25 and 20. A girl 16. We have over 150 chickens between us and 37 different breeds and colors of breeds. As well as imports. My new layers are French Wheaten Marans. I am still awaiting my first egg! Sassy girls are holding out on me. eek

I am originally from Michigan. Romulus right at Metro Airport. I now reside near my DH's family farm for the last 15 years in Upper Middle Tennessee.

I am not a farmer by any means. I can't kill and eat any of my birds. We don't even eat the eggs because the family thinks of them as potential babies. lol. I hatch a lot of chicks!

I guess we are large scale pet owners. :p In addition to a slew of chickens we have 6 horses and 2 mini's, 3 Chihuahua's (Tiki, Tea-la and Rosita) a whole bunch of cats, 2 pet rats and Texas A&M quail. The tiny one's.

And I DO have a house chicken. She's a Mille Fleur D'Uccle that had her lower beak injured as a chick. It gradually got worse even tho the vet tried his best. The last recommendation was surgery. Too expensive and too hard on her. Soooo....Her and I watch court shows in the morning while she has each and every piece of layer and grain etc fed to her and again in the evening watching CSI.

If I get too interested in the show and stop her meal she will jump up and peck my forehead! lol She has never worn a chicken diaper and has never poo'ed on me either. Although I do use a puppy pad on my lap just in case there's a first time. wink She has her own bedroom and very large home in there. My oldest son moved out so someone had to occupy that room. laugh

Anyway, I know you all think I'm a kooky blonde. But hey! Everybody does. laugh
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Re: Hello From Tennessee! - 01/01/07 06:28 AM

Hey, Star, don't I know you from somewhere??LOL, welcome to the Classroom. Lots of info here, some way above my head, but stretches the old brain cells. I get the "large scale pet owner" part!
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Re: Hello From Tennessee! - 01/01/07 06:29 PM

Hi Yah! laugh I'm mysterious. I'm everywhere yet nowhere...bwaaaaaa.....bwaaaa. It's caught in Purgatory that bothers me. eek

I just recued another hen. :p I'm afraid this one is really, really sick. frown
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Re: Hello From Tennessee! - 01/02/07 06:31 AM

OH, no! Post in emergencies if you haven't already. Lots of knowledge here.
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Re: Hello From Tennessee! - 01/02/07 06:52 AM

I did. laugh I went to the vet and got a bottle of Baytril. idk. She's so sweet. I really hope it helps her.

I really need to stay at home and keep away from other farms and the auction. :rolleyes:

My mom and another member at another forum says I have too big a heart and I can't save them all. I really wish I could. frown
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Re: Hello From Tennessee! - 01/02/07 07:35 AM

I know what you mean, but it was stressful when I thought Hawkeye might have something-him being the only grown bird I've ever bought. I can't take that stress and you, my dear, cannot be the Chicken Fairy and save all the chickens in the world! I feel the same about dogs, too, but I know my limits.
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Re: Hello From Tennessee! - 01/02/07 09:05 AM

With so many chickens do you struggle with disease or sickness among your flock much? I assume you've added over the years or have these all been offspring of your original flock?
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Re: Hello From Tennessee! - 01/02/07 01:57 PM

Hi, Not really. Most of the coops have never had so much as a sniffle. Like my Mille Fleur D'Uccle's. Not one has ever gotten sick. I do practise preventatively tho. I get say...1 in one of the coops that get a cold. I separate and quaranteen. It's not been a whole coop flock get sick...yet. If a second one does anything in the coop one got sick in. I treat the whole coop. I try not to just immediately medicate, medicate, medicate.

Sometimes I post about several chickens that come down sick. Out of 150+ chickens and a few need help. Thats pretty good odds. wink I've been using Oxine but I've been told that Virkon S may be less expensive and better. idk. confused Gonna give it a try. Most of my bird illnesses are weather related.

Some are my original flock, some offspring and some new. smile
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Re: Hello From Tennessee! - 01/02/07 02:02 PM

speckledhen-We have 11 dogs not counting the 2 next door at moms she stole from my pens. eek 5 recognized cats and ever how many strays frequent the big feeder on the back porch. :rolleyes: Most everything around here is rescues. Lord our vet and feed bills are high. eek

The last stray dog was a beautiful Golden Lab girl. She had a broken back leg. frown She's fine now and named Miss Molly. laugh
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Re: Hello From Tennessee! - 01/02/07 02:34 PM

I cant actually take in any pets besides my two older dogs I have to vet since we have to feed US on a very low income, but I do feed a stray tomcat that mouses for me. He won't let me get near him and vanishes into smoke if I look his direction so I call him Ghost. The least I can do is toss him some food in appreciation. The chickens I can justify since they give me fertilizer, poison-free bug control, eggs and hours of free entertainment!
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Re: Hello From Tennessee! - 01/02/07 03:29 PM

Hi Star!I think I know you too! laugh
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Re: Hello From Tennessee! - 01/02/07 04:00 PM

Yep, You sure do! For being so vast the internet is a small world. laugh

Update the little pullet looks a little better and she is walking in her home now. laugh
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Re: Hello From Tennessee! - 01/02/07 04:11 PM

Make me the third that knows you from elsewhere... Hope she gets better for you!!!
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Re: Hello From Tennessee! - 01/02/07 04:42 PM

laugh laugh welcom!! fellow animal lover, soon as we get our own land i'll be just like that, cant wait cool
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Re: Hello From Tennessee! - 01/03/07 12:39 AM

Thank you all. laugh Since she is a Barred Cochin I named her Barbie.:rolleyes:Original, I know.

The bleeding stopped all over her feet. The swelling looks alot better tonight. I'm afraid even tho I'm feeding her that she won't get enough to make it thru the swelling eases up enough for her to see and eat on her own. Just a few more days we should have it kicked. laugh
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Re: Hello From Tennessee! - 01/03/07 06:35 PM

Good the hen is doing better! I want to move to Tennessee where the land isn't so expensive. I live in the premeir retiring area of the US now, and also near ski slopes, and you're lucky to get an acre for less than 100,000. It's like living in a bubble of rich people. I have the only chickens within who knows how many miles (they give all of those city people in the bed and breakfast beside me a taste of the country with the CROWING at 7 am smile
I help run a little rehabilitation center-- licensed and everything. We pick up and save all sorts of abandoned animals. We all wish we could save them all. But when you overstretch someone falls through the cracks, and that sucks...
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Re: Hello From Tennessee! - 01/03/07 08:17 PM

Hi, I know I have so many dogs. But tonight I ALMOST brought home another one. Thank god another fellow took him. Another animal lover. laugh

I went to the grocery store and there was a sweet dog someone had dumped off. He was big and had big floppy ears. Those soulful eye's just made you want to hug him. laugh

He looked like he was part Beagle. I bought 2 big packs of salami and was feeding him. If I could have gotten him in the truck we'd have another stray. :rolleyes: He was just soooo sweet. laugh laugh

My little pullet. One more day and I'll start thinking she'll make it.so far so good. I just wish the swelling would come down faster. frown