Chemical Caponizing

Posted by: Anonymous

Chemical Caponizing - 07/06/09 08:04 AM

We cannot find a supplier for caponizing pellets and injector. Can anyone direct us to a source?
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Re: Chemical Caponizing - 07/06/09 10:53 AM

Can you tell us more about this process? I've only used the surgical technique.
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Re: Chemical Caponizing - 07/06/09 07:32 PM

Read this heading with great interest. Have always wanted to try making a capon, but not really excited about the surgery part. We did perform crop surgery once, but a crop really isn't an internal organ, we weren't exactly digging around in a body cavity, like you have to for caponizing. So please do tell more!
Posted by: Horse Jody

Re: Chemical Caponizing - 07/22/09 08:46 AM

Chemical caponizing used to be common. I think it uses bovine hormones. I'm not sure, but I don't think it's legal in the US anymore because it was leaving too much hormone in the meat. I could be wrong.
Posted by: IPF

Re: Chemical Caponizing - 07/22/09 07:25 PM

I don't know about the US, but:
"The chemical caponisation of poultry is prohibited by EU legislation concerning the use of hormones in animals produced for food and applies in all Member States. The implementing legislation in the UK is The Animals and Animal Products."

Think about it - do you want to eat something that has had hormones injected or inserted that are strong enough to suppress male sexual characteristics? Do you want to feed this creature, complete with added hormones, to your children? Seems like a REALLY bad idea to me.