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Judges - 12/08/06 06:05 AM

I was just made the 4-H Poultry Superintendant for our County. The person who was doing it just decided not to continue. I need to find a list of judges from Iowa that I would like to invite to do our judging. Does anyone know of any good judges from Iowa or where I could find a list of them. Thanks alot!
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Re: Judges - 12/08/06 08:10 AM

Go to the APA and ABA websites. CJR
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Re: Judges - 12/08/06 10:05 AM

Thanks CJR. I found 4 from Iowa. If these judges are APA licensed, would they only do big shows or do you think they also do smaller ones like our county fair?
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Re: Judges - 12/08/06 11:55 AM

Many county and state Fairs are able to employ licensed judges. Because they are often booked months in advance, you just have to ask. And start right away! Some will come just for transportation, most would like motel, but if you find Iowans--most will have friends who will be happy to have them visit and are glad to make the trip. Providing lunch may be enough remuneration. Yes, they do small fairs when possible. Otherwise, you can obtain longtime breeders to help you out. I have been asked to judge our County Fairs, and several other county Fairs. I am not a licensed judge, but have enjoyed the experience--one year, the bird I made Best in Show as a pullet, was Best in Show the following year, as a hen--the classes judged by a licensed judge, so locals were happy and I was, also! Often you will have classes that are not regular APA or ABA classes, and the judge needs to know the listings, before arrival. When I judged, I also asked for the breeds that were entered before the Show, so I could study them a bit ahead of time. I do not see many different breeds regularly. CJR
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Re: Judges - 12/11/06 07:55 AM

Alot of times, the county fair shows do not require any certain license to judge, just a knowledge of poultry is helpful. My friend took a class to judge poultry as fairs and such, but the person that judges our county fair is a commercial egg farm owner and he doesnt even have much knowledge of any of the "exotic" breeds, just knows about egg laying abilities and meat production birds, which is what most county fair birds are, market birds.