Selling Eggs

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Selling Eggs - 09/13/03 12:38 PM

I was talking to someone today about starting a small business selling eggs. They warned me about lawsuits since they will be eaten, and mentioned buying L.L.C. I'm wondering what others are doing to protect themselves and their assets.?.? I'm thinking I would be on a very small scale, and buying insurances almost make me want to forget the whole thing. Anyone with advice or comments?
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Re: Selling Eggs - 09/13/03 12:57 PM

First off, you can get sued for just about anything. Secondly, some home owners insurance policies have an endorsement you can purchase to have a small business run out of your home. Thirdly, on a small scale, at least in Ohio, there are no licensing requirements. Finally, check with your Department of Agriculture and find out what labeling requirments, storing requirements are etc so that you know proper handling of eggs. Don't worry about lawsuits. People who go around talking and worrying about that all day drive me (as my son would say Coo! coo!) Good luck!
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Re: Selling Eggs - 09/13/03 01:23 PM

I don't do anything. I can't imagine a lawsuit coming from egg selling nor can I imagine that a person could *prove* my eggs were the problem to begin with. I think that would be beyond difficult. I follow my state guidelines and that's it.

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Re: Selling Eggs - 09/13/03 01:33 PM

I went to the virginia dept. of agriculture's website. It seems like their information on egg marketing is for large scale, commercial type production.
Susie, in your state, what is required to be on the carton? A sell by date and anything else?
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Re: Selling Eggs - 09/13/03 02:11 PM

Tranquility, where in Ohio did you call? I have been wanting to sell eggs, and just found a place that will buy 6+ dozen a week.
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We sell eggs on a very small scale. We very carefully researched the prospect before we started. We had our flock certified by the state vet for the NPIP program and for salmonella. Cost us time and $10. We very carefully feed only organic feed and free range and use no antibiotics or pesticides. We have customers pay up to $5 per dozen and THEY CALL US - we do no advertizing and only sell to private customers. It's all our little laying flock can do to keep up with demand- people sometimes have to wait in line. I think it makes them want them more.
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Re: Selling Eggs - 09/13/03 02:47 PM

All that is required in my state for a producer with less than 200 hens is the following:
(1) Eggs are washed and clean;
(2) Eggs are prepackaged and identified as ungraded with the name and address of the producer;
(3) Used cartons are not used unless all brand markings and other identification is obliterated; and
(4) Eggs are refrigerated and maintained at a temperature of forty-five degrees Fahrenheit (45F) or below.

This info I got from the Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission. I don't know what agency is applicable in Virginia.

Because of the issue with used cartons, we bought blank cartons. I print my own labels with my name and address on them.