Bantams laying?

Posted by: Vesper 35

Bantams laying? - 01/23/04 05:03 PM

I have a Black tailed White Japanese pullet and a Golden Sebright pullet. They were hatched in June, 2003.
Neither of them has layed an egg as yet. My standards that were hatched at the same time have been laying for months.Are bantams much slower getting their act together then standards? We are in the thick of winter now. Could this be a factor? I am just anxious to see what their eggs are like.
Posted by: Sally

Re: Bantams laying? - 01/23/04 06:04 PM

laugh Patience is a virtue lol
Yes they are slower because it is winter...they will probably start about marchish and the eggs will probably be small anda cream colored shade
(at least the seabrite should be :-)
BRRRRRRRR..............I'm sure it is cold there..heck, it is cold HERE in Florida smile
good luck
Posted by: CJR

Re: Bantams laying? - 01/23/04 09:55 PM

My Dutch Bantams that hatched in June started laying in October and layed for about 4 weeks, then, with no lights in the houses when days got shorter, they have had a rest and are just starting to lay again this past week. I have been feeding them Codliveroil sandwiches to compensate for the cloudy dark days and no Vit D. They started laying 3 days after the first hand feeding ????? If you have Bantams in with large fowl, they may just not be integrated confidently--but they will lay--maybe soon. Maybe they need some small nest boxes, mine like the ones with a hole cut out the side--(cardboard boxes from the grocery store)--they are well hidden in them and really prefer those to open nests.

And yes, it is COLD here, too! Will be subzero again next week! And deep snow!Yes, BRRRRR!. CJR
Posted by: Vesper 35

Re: Bantams laying? - 01/31/04 07:39 PM

My Black tailed White Japanese pullet layed her first egg today. It is the neatest little pure white egg, really too big for the size of the pullet. Guess that is why it was covered with blood. I saw on another thread that these hens are good broodies- I hope so. Haven't seen the Golden Seabright rooster doing his job with her but I can wait for spring. -50 C with wind chill today- too cold for setting hens!!!!