Identifying Roosters

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Identifying Roosters - 05/30/08 01:31 PM

I am fairly new to the chicken game. I purchased some brown egg layers last year and have had great success. This spring, my wife purchased a batch of rare breed strait run birds with the intention of keeping the hens, and finding new homes for the roosters.They are 9 weeks, and so far, I cannot tell who is what. I'm enjoying watching the different breeds grow. I was just wondering at what age I will be able to determine who is a rooster, and who is a hen?

Posted by: Ckvchestnut

Re: Identifying Roosters - 05/30/08 03:20 PM

Hi there what breed are they? I have some chicks that I hatched out - some of the dams have single combs and some have pea combs, I knew which chicks came from whom and I can tell the boys from the girls on the single combs but the pea combs are proving hard to tell. My chicks are all at least 3 or 4 weeks old now I believe. Do you have any pics of yours?
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Re: Identifying Roosters - 06/02/08 06:57 AM

I have no idea what breeds they are. Maybe I can get some pics.
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Re: Identifying Roosters - 06/03/08 01:44 PM

Keep an eye on them, chicken boy. When you see one crow you will know its a rooster. If they are 9 weeks old you shouldn't have to wait much longer.