Cheap, good incubators

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Cheap, good incubators - 12/04/03 08:04 PM

Hey everyone. Does anyone know of a good, cheap brand of incubator that only hatches maybe 5 eggs? I know of a Covatutto 6 model, but it is still $85 AUD which is pretty dear for my price range.

Even better, does anyone know of detailed plans on the net available so I can build my own incubator or incubator/brooder combo for half a dozen eggs or there abouts?

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Re: Cheap, good incubators - 12/04/03 08:16 PM

The best cheap incubator for 5 or 6 eggs is a Silky or Pekin hen. Sometimes you can borrow one. They are the surest way to get 100% hatch. The small incubators at any price, are not as reliable as a sweet setting hen. You might consider searching for one. CJR
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Re: Cheap, good incubators - 12/04/03 08:53 PM

Mississippi State Uni has the instructions to make 2 different types of still-air incubators (styrofoam & plywood):

I have the Bellsouth100 (100 large eggs capacity)
Over the $200 mark though. After losing alot of eggs due to a faulty thermostat, I ended up using only broody hens for this spring. Have more chickens than I should have right now. :p

I always use broodies to raise the chickens, & turn off the incubator before the storm season begins. Sleep better on stormy nights that way. wink