Mixing Different Breeds

Posted by: Anonymous

Mixing Different Breeds - 05/18/09 07:07 AM

I was given 5 Silkie chickens last winter, one rooster and four hens. I have since hatched out 11 chicks. Husband went and got 20 Rhode Island Red chicks that are now a little over a week old. Most of the roosters will be going in my freezer eventually. But my question is am I going to be able to keep these two breeds together in the same coop and enclosure?

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Re: Mixing Different Breeds - 05/18/09 07:49 AM

As long as your run is big enough, I think they should be fine, although that might change when your RIR cockerels reach maturity, as they tend to be large and aggressive. We've had no problems keeping different breeds together. I'm sure there will be other opinions.
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Re: Mixing Different Breeds - 05/18/09 09:07 AM

Depends on your set up. Might work just fine, but you would be well to have contingency plans in case your Silkies are badly harassed. I am hoping to have the same situation next month, but I plan to raise the fryers separately. CJR
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Re: Mixing Different Breeds - 05/23/09 07:09 AM

I have 7 buff Orps, 1 RIR, & 12 Black S Links all in the same 12 x 12 foot coop. (all hens) they all get along fine. they were all about the same age when purchased. They now free range all daylight hours too.. We did have 6 white Cornish hens in with them that got picked on very badly. I seperated them & have now put them in the freezer.. The rest will be layers...
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Re: Mixing Different Breeds - 05/31/09 09:50 AM

I myself find that if the chickens are raised together from a young age, they tend to get along very well. However, that may be because they are all bantams. I tried adding a few bantams the other day of the same breed and i had to immediately remove them. I guess it just depends on the breeds, age, and personality.