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Lighting - 08/17/05 06:56 AM

How much light do chickens 5 and 6 weeks old need? They are in their house and have a yard so they get plenty of natural sunlight. What about nights? Light? No Light? How much light? Wattage?

Posted by: J. Henderson

Re: Lighting - 08/17/05 07:47 AM

Since your chicks were born in mid-summer, under natural conditions, they may not start laying until spring. If you wish to manipulate the onset of laying, you can do that by gradually increasing artifical day length to 14 or more hours per day, but you don't need to start doing that until late October or November, since they won't be 20 weeks old until around Thanksgiving. Too much light, too soon, can stimulate the sexual development of a pullet before her body is ready. For now, I wouldn't add any light.
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Re: Lighting - 08/17/05 08:28 AM

Jessica I usually reduce the warmth from lights when chicks are covered in juvenile plumage, feathered out, giving them protection. I turn the lights off when I notice they now have moved from roosting on the floor to seeking perches. If in turning out the lights at night you find chicks "piling" they may still need the desired warmth. I usually do not turm out the lights untill they are secure in roosting or with different age groups ( I have multiple hatches) I leave one light for those still on floor. If you see your chicks not seeking the security and warmth of the light, then turn it off, you can always turn it back on.

Hope this was what you were looking for.

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Re: Lighting - 08/17/05 12:31 PM

When I go out to check them before bed, they are all laying on the floor lined up against the wire looking outside. (I don't think they are cold though...they just like the breeze that comes through. They like to get some time in before I close the lower flaps.) They have a roost...some like it, some aren't so keen on it yet. I've been giving them some dark at night, then I turn a light on around 10:30pm for them. They all get up and chase bugs when I do this. If I want to keep a little light on them for a bit longer, what wattage bulb should I be using? It is in the 70's at night here. Right now I have a 75 watt in the house.