How many roosters can I have?

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How many roosters can I have? - 12/04/03 06:24 PM

I'm starting a small flock of 12 Australorps and 12 Barred Rocks. I was considering one rooster of each of the two breeds. Is this ok or would there be conflict? confused
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Re: How many roosters can I have? - 12/04/03 08:22 PM

If you are planning to hatch chicks from your hens, you will have some some mixed offspring, if you raise them all together. Yes, two roosters will likely battle, with one being dominant--but they will still manage to give you some chicks that will be crosses. If you want to raise each breed, you might consider separate pens, with each, headed by their own-kind rooster. If you are not planning to hatch chicks, and just produce eggs, you do not need a rooster at all. Always lots to consider?? CJR
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Re: How many roosters can I have? - 12/05/03 04:05 AM

They may fight some while they are growing up, but after they know who is the boss the other will just have fewer hens to be his. I have 7 hens and 3 roosters. 1 has my 2 origional hens, another 4 he was and the last only has 1 hen. They each have some what of their own flocks, but they do steal each others girls every now and then. The two most dominate were raised together and have only faught once or twice when they were growing up. I think roosters that are raised together fight less. I think you will be okay.
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Re: How many roosters can I have? - 12/05/03 07:51 AM

That would be plenty of hens for two roosters. There is always a possibility of fighting. Your barred rock rooster would probably end up being dominant. That's not a *given* but it is a little more aggressive breed on the whole. After breed, individual personalities and your managment style factor into things like cock fights. The more room and the more hens, the better. It's better for the girls too, as they can suffer damage from having too many roosters around.

I have 4 roosters and about 35 hens at the moment. Three of the roosters were raised together. I had to get rid of one barred rock from that same original flock, as he became too aggressive, fought a lot, bothered the hens and eventually got aggressive with me. I let a Rhode Island Red cockerel mature with the flock and he has taken his (last) place -- so far, so good. It's just somewhat unpredictable. Sometimes things will go smoothly until spring and then those boys get very aggressive with each other and the hens.

I guess the bottom line is, give it a try if you want to breed or just want a couple of roosters hanging around for fun. But always be prepared with alternate plans. I separate my boys in the spring, for instance. And I am always prepared to either butcher or give away a rooster if need be.

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Re: How many roosters can I have? - 12/05/03 10:55 AM

I was surprised that my Barred Rock males turned into such pains in the butt! We had two for a while since one of our neighbor ladies wanted hatching eggs. But one of them went after one of the kids, so we sold them for $1 each after that.

I didn't like having roosters around. Next year since we want meat birds and pullets for later on ... we won't keep any males.

I thought they were a bother.

Sorry to sound negative, but that was my experience!
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Re: How many roosters can I have? - 12/07/03 02:49 PM

I agree with cloverfarm. We had a mean mean rooster so we ate him. I hope you have better luck. I miss hearing him crow