What is scratch?

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What is scratch? - 06/09/03 12:06 PM

Everyone talks about it - but I don't know what it is. Have done a search on this forum but to no avail. Can anyone tell me what it is please?
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Re: What is scratch? - 06/09/03 12:10 PM

It's a seed/grain mix for chickens/poultry.

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Re: What is scratch? - 06/09/03 12:23 PM

I go to my local feed store and buy a bunch of misc. grains (cracked corn, millet, oats, red milo, safflower, barely, etc.) mix it at home and throw some in as a treat once or twice a day. Good way to get them to eat from your hand too. I would assume the name scratch comes from how they eat it, scrathing around the ground for it rather than being feed from a feeder like their layer food.
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Re: What is scratch? - 06/09/03 12:25 PM

Thanks so much for the speedy reply. I find that I do have scratch (bag of mixed corn). Have put it out a few times but they are not too keen. They tend to be too busy looking for grubs. I have found that they go mad for hard cheese but am aware that I can't give them too much of that.
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Re: What is scratch? - 06/09/03 02:55 PM

Sarah, Most people here do not know that CORN in Britain, is not corn as we know it! I was surprised that Oats, wheat, barley was all called "corn" in Shropshire--and horses and ponies are fed "corn", but it is really the same Oats, that we feed our horses and ponies--(never CORN), as that is the grain that is grown as "Field Corn--on the COB) and used for hog feed, chicken feed and people food--or corn meal! And not the "Sweet Corn" that we grow as a favorite people-vegetable. Aren't we funny the way we use our language!

Our Scratch feed for chickens varies according to the part of the country where it is mixed. The large grains are usually cracked into smaller bits. It may include lentils and other seeds, depending upon the mill that mixes it!

If not cracked, it is not suitable for chicks or young birds, and they may have to wait for aquiring a taste for it, until they are larger--but then, usually they will follow you anywhere just to get a handout! CJR
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Re: What is scratch? - 06/10/03 04:15 PM

Thanks for that - we always seem to forget about the differences in language. I have a stepson who lives in LA so should be learning from him. Bought a bag of "oatmeal" which the pullets think is fantastic. Think that maybe my mixed bag of corn is not milled enogh for the young,
Thanks again
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Re: What is scratch? - 06/10/03 04:18 PM

Forgot to add that although now based in Mersywided I am from Shropshire " Shropshire born, Shropshire bred, strong in the arm and thick in the head". Very prooud of both Salopian accent and heritage! (PS Bowdler's from Hope Bowdler, Nr Church Stretton, Shropshire from 1166 - I think. can't remember for sure but 11 something