Keeping Chickens Warm???

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Keeping Chickens Warm??? - 06/09/03 06:19 AM

I have four chickens, all just started laying in the last couple of months. The temperature wheer I live drops to about 5 degrees celsius or about 40 fahrenheit. They don't have an enclosure to roost in at night at present - does anyone know if they actually need one? Are they freezing out there??

If so I will build one but how do I get them to move to there new sleeping quaters if it is needed? confused
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Re: Keeping Chickens Warm??? - 06/09/03 07:42 AM

I would say yes, they need an enclosure especially if you want them to keep laying. My belief is that light and temp. effect the laying cycle. Hopefully others with more experience can add their 2 cents. 40 degrees isn't too extreme, even in an insullated coop with a heat light mine got that cold more than once through this harsh winter, but being outside unprotected you have to take into consideration wind which can make the actual temp. much colder!
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Re: Keeping Chickens Warm??? - 06/09/03 09:08 AM

I feel that if you have domestic animals you should be obligated to provide all their needs, including adaquate shelter.
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Re: Keeping Chickens Warm??? - 06/09/03 11:27 AM

I would also build them a shelter. To get them to roost in it should be pretty easy. It will be warmer, even with out added heat. That will attract them. Most likely they won't want to sleep there at first, so just lock them in it at night. In a couple days to a week, they should start sleeping in there.
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Re: Keeping Chickens Warm??? - 06/09/03 12:05 PM

They definitely need a shelter. They need protection from wind and rain if nothing else. Your temps are mild for winter. They won't need any additional heat but getting together in a draft-free shelter will benefit them greatly!