Posted by: Cory

cockerels - 10/22/08 09:27 AM

I've been cruisin a couple of hatchery website and noticed that the price for cockerels is about half or more the price of pullets or straight run. I normally get White Mountains or Vantex for my meat birds, but some of the multi purpose birds would probably be fine (at half the price) as long as the cockerel would be of comparable size. For example, my Isa Browm girls are huge. Will the cockerels get as equally large, in the same comparable timeframe? Looking for suggestions. thanks
Posted by: Old Rando

Re: cockerels - 10/24/08 11:36 AM

Males usually get bigger, faster than their female breed counterparts. Most people butcher their birds before reaching mature size anyway. Many heavy breed or dual purpose breeds serve the table needs of numerous people quite well. You have discovered a system that others already utilize.