10 months - no eggs???

Posted by: Mother Hen

10 months - no eggs??? - 03/08/05 09:15 PM

I have six hens, five of whom are laying with great regularity. They are all 10 months old. They started laying at all different times and some took their time getting started. I have 4 different breeds. The one that isn't laying is the same breed as one who is laying (black manorca, I think - that's a long story). Can't figure out why she isn't laying yet. Since we have different breeds we have different colored eggs, so I can tell who is laying and who isn't. Any thoughts as to why she's not producing?

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Re: 10 months - no eggs??? - 03/09/05 06:51 AM

Are you certain ALL of them are not laying? That is to say have you eye-witnessed each one and can positively point out the one that is not?
Or are you getting 5 eggs daily from 6 pullets?
(In your case, 1 egg daily from the 2 of the same breed.)
If it is the latter, it is not uncommon for chickens to be on different laying time schedules. Since it takes approximately 25 hours to produce an egg, eventually each layer would 'skip' a setting. This could give the impression that one (or more) is 'slacking'.
Just something to consider.

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Re: 10 months - no eggs??? - 03/09/05 10:41 PM

Let me detail my situation so it's easier to follow. I have 2 RIRs who are both laying barely beige eggs. One lays a smooth egg and one lays a rough egg, so I can tell who's doing what. I have a Buff Orp who lays a distinctive color and a Golden Laced Wy who lays a distinctive color. Then I have 2 Manorcas. One I have seen laying white eggs (she was the second to come into lay after one of the RIRs) and the other I have never seen laying. Plus I have NEVER had 6 eggs in one day. Now that the girls have hit their stride, I frequently have 5 in one day. They seem to like to take the same day off, so I'll have a day with one egg or a few with just four, etc. I'm 99.9% sure the other Manorca is not laying because odds are that I'd have two white eggs in one day at least every once in a while. I wonder what she's waiting for? I'd think the peer pressure would have gotten to her by now. :p
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Re: 10 months - no eggs??? - 03/10/05 07:57 AM

Any crowing goin' on? LOL
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Re: 10 months - no eggs??? - 03/10/05 08:12 AM

You may have a pullet that just isn't maturing--it happens, sometimes it is just an undeveloped reproductory system. Certainly not common. My guess is that she maybe laying and that the Minorcas just haven't hit their regular production rate??????

If you examine the vents of both black ones--at night, for easy catch, you can see if they are both laying (vent will be moist, soft and wider than deep). Then look at the vent of another pullet that you know is laying. This is sure way to know if one is not laying.