What is my rooster doing??

Posted by: Chickie Poo

What is my rooster doing?? - 08/18/05 11:22 AM

OK. I have an RIR rooster. He's about 6 months old, and I'm not sure what to do here.

A couple months ago, unprovoked, he came after me while I was doing the food and water in the pen. He'd never shown any sign of aggression before that. He gave me a good bruise and broke the skin on my arm, and was coming back for more, when I kicked out at him. He went after my foot, which luckily was protected by my farm boots. I got away from him, and closed the door. Hubby came home, couldn't believe it, put his hand out to the rooster and nothing. No aggression. Me? I just moved closer to the pen and he was trying to get me. So hubby went in, grabbed him, and held him while I petted him (rooster, not hubby :>). He was fine. Once he was down, he was aggressive again. A few minutes later, we noticed a missing broiler. We checked in the coop, and he had died sometime during the day. We got him out, and the next day, the rooster wasn't aggressive anymore. We assumed that maybe he was trying to protect the dead chicken or something. Grasping at straws.

That was a couple months ago. Last night, while letting them out to graze (just me, hubby wasn't home), this rooster started doing something that I'm not sure of. He kept seeking me out, would come about two feet from me - just out of range, and would scratch, hunker down, and flip his wing down to the ground. While he was doing that, he had his head sideways, cocked down, facing me. It almost looked like he was challenging me. He never came at me, but I didn't give him the chance, either. Is this something that I need to 'nip in the bud'? Is it aggression or is this rooster love talk?? I don't have a clue.

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Re: What is my rooster doing?? - 08/18/05 11:50 AM

It's like puberty. Some roosters with age get aggressive.
It will probably get worse.
He will also be aggressive towards your hens.
I have given mine away when they are like that.
His posturing is what he would do to another rooster like posturing to fight.
You can try to make more docile by petting alot and handling carefully. Also show your in charge.
I hold by legs and hang upside down.
None of this may work and you're just asking for injury.
Roosters can really hurt you and little children especially.
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Re: What is my rooster doing?? - 08/18/05 11:56 AM

Hanging by the legs.. I guess I'll have to have hubby catch him, because I can't get close enough to him. I'll see if that works.

Ya know, I hand fed this guy. When he was really little, inside the house, he'd be the first one there, eating from my hand. I held him, petted him, etc. I thought that would help to keep him friendly. Oh well... There's a rooster rescue close by in Madison. If I can't make him behave, I guess he'll go there.

Posted by: H. Cote

Re: What is my rooster doing?? - 08/18/05 12:05 PM

My RIR rooster did the same this with me around 5 months of age. The weird dance thing I think is becasue he's "flirting" and trying to show you he's the boss! The agressive thing I believe is just becasue he's a RIR. Wally actually got pretty mean and would attack anyone but me and my husband. I did, however, teach him in a passive way not to lunge at me... Every time he'd come at me, I would quickly pick him up (immediately) hold him to my body, say "no" and then lay him down gently on the ground. It only took a few times with me doing this and he stopped going for me (most of the time - he did sneak up once while I was bending down and pecked my lip - drew blood!). We finally had to say goodby to him (after he attacked a mason and tile guy who was doing some work in our house - plus he was mounting the hens every few minutes and making them bleed). Good luck!
Posted by: CJR

Re: What is my rooster doing?? - 08/18/05 12:06 PM

Sadly, it has NOTHING to do with how he was raised, what a pet he was before he became agressive--just face the fact that he is a grown up rooster that IS aggressive. It is unpredicable but some breeds will have a reputation for aggressiveness--and then there will be one that is very docile (I always suspect those odd ones of an "agressive" breed, have some internal problems that either supress hormones or is a mild infection!) Don't waste your time trying to turn him around--as even if it lasts for a while, he will NEVER be reliable! Even my most mild mannered roosters will jump me, if I pick up one of their hens--you learn when to do ii! CJR
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Re: What is my rooster doing?? - 08/18/05 12:10 PM

Well when he came at me that first time, I was ready for rooster stew. It made me so mad, but it hurt my feelings, too. I know it sounds silly - but I felt kind of betrayed. I have no emotional attachment to this rooster. I used to, but it's gone now. And I guess the rooster may end up being gone, too. The rescue has about 60 roosters. The lady takes them and lets them all freerange. We'll see.

Thanks all -
Posted by: T. Adkerson

Re: What is my rooster doing?? - 08/18/05 05:01 PM

As long as the rooster is in a dominate position he will attack anything he feels is less dominate to him. I have a jersey giant that gets agressive when the alpha male is in the breeding pen with the girls. Once I return the alpha male to the rooster pen that jersey giant no longer is aggressive. The situation dictates if a rooster will be aggressive. As long as a rooster sees something as less dominate, he will attack and try to show his dominance.

The wing down and dance is used to impress the ladies or can be used as a non agreessive means to tell other chickens he is the boss.

Roosters will also peck at the ground to release agression. Two roosters that can not fight because of a fence betwenn them will release agression by pecking at the ground.

Tim Adkerson
Posted by: Lacey

Re: What is my rooster doing?? - 08/18/05 05:10 PM

I had a nasty rooster, Chuck, a RIR/BR mix. I raised him from a baby. He was always nasty, never liked me holding him. I would try. Well as he got older, he got nastier. He would attack me daily, it didnt matter what i was doing. No ammount of kicking, screaming or throwing of objects would teach him i am the boss, not him. He never hurt me. But i was keeping him around because him and Big Red got along and he was good to the girls. Well that went out the window one day when he attacked me 2 times in less then a minute. That was the last straw, I couldnt stand it any more. I ran after him and i threw things at him and yelled (neighbors were probably about to call the cops, lol). He was running for his life. I didnt get a hold of him nor was i able to hit him with anything i threw at him but he sure was making alot of noise every time something went flying past him. He was gone the next day, my dad took him to a friends farm with 2 other roosters that werent so friendly...Big Red the RIR is still a very sweet boy.
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Re: What is my rooster doing?? - 08/18/05 08:06 PM

I too have a agreessive Rooster. he is a three year old Araucana/Americana. he started to show agression towards me after getting two Hens to keep him company in his first year.

I have tried to put up with it as I don't have the heart to get rid of him.

I have heard that Araucana/Americana's can be agreessive. is this true or did I just get a mean one?
Posted by: David T.

Re: What is my rooster doing?? - 08/18/05 08:27 PM

ChickiePoo, he probably sees you as being part of the flock and he thinks he is dominate over you. He is trying to enforce that dominance. I had a young cockerel that thought he was dominate over all the hens (accept, interestingly, the alpha hen), and my three daughters. He had ago at me once, we had a little ‘chat’ (no, I did not hurt him but it was pretty clear who was the boss rooster) and I didn’t have a problem with him again. He ‘went away’ soon after that.

Personally I don’t keep roosters and if you require him for breeding I recommend he ‘go away’.

Just my opinion, David
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Re: What is my rooster doing?? - 08/19/05 04:30 AM

Well, I tried telling hubby that I wanted him (roo) to go away, but he seems to think that there is a way I can assert my dominance. I want the rooster gone. But I am concerned because if the RIR goes, then will the Buff (orp) get aggressive because he would then be the boss rooster?

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Re: What is my rooster doing?? - 08/19/05 04:38 PM

Well, I too had a very aggressive rooster(Bubba), that would attack me and my daughter. My husband would just laugh and tell me to kick him, well, my kicks weren't good enough. I finally told him to get rid of him, not wanting to he took him out to his father's farm, where he is getting along great! We also have a Buff & RIR both roosters were here when Bubba was here, after he left they never became aggressive. He has been gone 8 months and it's great, wonderful, and comforting to know that when I go out to the hen house or to feed I won't get attacked. Good Luck
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Re: What is my rooster doing?? - 08/19/05 05:53 PM

Chickiepoo, use the search at top right and search for mean rooster, aggressive rooster, attack rooster, rooster attacked my child and like phrases. None have happy endings. Print them out and show hubby.