Speckles on eggs

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Speckles on eggs - 03/11/05 01:09 PM

Some of the eggs that were previously clear are now having speckles (look like big freckles) on them. What causes this?

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Re: Speckles on eggs - 03/11/05 03:33 PM

I have the same question, but I'd be willing to bet they are either calcium or pigment deposits...

I noticed that some of the dark brown egg laying breeds like welsummers and marans have heavily spotted eggs, which results in their really dark color... so I am going with a pigment spot...

many of my brown eggs get them and they almsot always rub off during cleanin.
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Re: Speckles on eggs - 03/11/05 04:18 PM

Yes, pigment blobs. Some hens lay eggs with those spots regularly and others occasionally, and some breed, most always--kind of neat. CJR
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Re: Speckles on eggs - 03/11/05 07:14 PM

Dotty - you and I must have a psychic link, I was going to post a similar message!
My BLR wyndottes have started laying and I am getting REALLY weird looking eggs. Light brown (pink) with dark brown spots uniform size and uniformly scattered all over. I almost looks more like a speckled birds egg. I have Marans that lay the red eggs with darker red pigment spots, but these Wyndotte eggs are strange. Anyone else???
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Re: Speckles on eggs - 03/11/05 07:50 PM

My Rode Island Red lays medbrown with dark brown spots. They are beautiful.
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Re: Speckles on eggs - 03/11/05 09:12 PM

My Australorp layed nice brown speckeled eggs I saved (blew) a couple because they are fun.
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Re: Speckles on eggs - 03/13/05 06:00 AM

My Maran Crosses lay brown eggs with darker speckles and my Welsomers lay some really dark red/brown eggs which are also sometimes speckled all over cool
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