roos times 2

Posted by: Anonymous

roos times 2 - 10/12/03 01:51 PM

Okay - I give up. I think we have 2 roo's. The buff orp confirmed himself this morning with a crow. Now we have a columbian rock that is looking roo-ish. Very red comb and wattles. They are all the same age so who knows. If he crows - then we have a problem. Would push he neighbors over the edge :p . But out of 27 chicks ordered sexed I guess thats not to bad.
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Re: roos times 2 - 10/12/03 02:06 PM

We have the same problem with the 25 chicks we ordered, but we don't have the neighbor problem, thank goodness.

2 roos aren't so bad, their antics in wooing the girls can be very funny.

Posted by: Spotted Crow

Re: roos times 2 - 10/12/03 04:20 PM

Boy would I love push my neighbour over the edge, of ULURU!
Congrats on another rooster wink
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Re: roos times 2 - 10/13/03 10:13 AM

sounds like you're doing pretty good, we were 4 for 23. kept one and 3 are frozen. the one that escaped the block was just too pretty and his undeveloped crow is quite entertaining. Every time our adult roo crows, the little one follows with something of a crow/scream
Posted by: Spotted Crow

Re: roos times 2 - 10/13/03 12:17 PM

Yeah, they do sound lousy when they're first crowing, almost like they're underwateror being choked. laugh Jerry now finishes his crow of with a sort-of growl. He's a professional smile