Point of lay? LONG

Posted by: Pierre

Point of lay? LONG - 08/08/05 05:02 PM

I have my flock of, mostly, NHR's from McMurray Hatchery. The one male I have left (ate the rest and made him the boss) has started mounting the pullets. My Grandmother, she is 88, says I can expect eggs soon. They are going to be 19 weeks old soon. I know that even if the rooster mates them it has no affect on when I will get eggs but before when he would grab them they would run away screaming and now they just assume the position. Can I take this as a sign of maturity? They haven't begun to make the cartoon chicken sound (Buck, buck, buck, BUCKAWK), what they have been doing is more of a long squuuuuuuaaaaaaaaacccckkkkk over and over with a long hold on the UUUUUUU part.

Will I get eggs soon? Can someone else who got NHR's from McMurray's tell me when they started laying? I think I am thinking too much.

Also, my coop has no smell whatsoever but the chicken poop has been scratched into dust to a point that when they flap their wings dust goes everywhere! Should I be worried about them getting lung cancer (LOL) or some kind of breathing problem. Maybe I should just add a bit of moisture to prevent all the loose manure dust; I may have over done the whole "NO WATER IN THE BEDDING AT ALL" thing. As always any information would be greatly appreciated. smile
Posted by: CJR

Re: Point of lay? LONG - 08/08/05 06:48 PM

The sound your pullets are making, may be the "singing" that is the sign that some will soon be laying.

Just add a little shavings to the litter in the coop, it will hold down the dust a little. When it is really dirty and you smell it, just scoop it all out and start with new shavings. Droppings boards need cleaning more often and they will smell, if not kept emptied now and then. My birds have never had any kind of breathing problems (except that I do--I have an allergy to the dander and dust and cough a LOT--for nearly 20 years.)I wear a mask when cleaning pens in winter, but cannot in summer when it is hot! I just clean one pen at a time, and make the rounds as they need it the worst--12 pens, several large ones. Water it and you may have molds and that would not be a good thing! It would be so temporary that it would be a worse risk than dust.

You will surely have eggs soon! Good luck, CJR
Posted by: Lacey

Re: Point of lay? LONG - 08/09/05 05:17 PM

You should expect eggs between 5 and 6 months, sometimes after..so you are close.
Posted by: Pierre

Re: Point of lay? LONG - 08/13/05 08:19 AM

OK, Now they really are making the "Buck, buck, buck, buck, bucwaaaak" sound. Started on wednesday and I heard it thursday, yesterday, and today (5 min ago). I few of them have made nice beautiful circles in the nest boxes and the roo is mounting them a lot more now, I'm assuming I will get eggs really, really soon!

How many days (average) do they take from the first buck buck buck.... sound to first egg? I am getting sooooo excited.
Posted by: Deb AZ

Re: Point of lay? LONG - 08/13/05 09:03 AM

Pierre, when they are ready. There are only averages as to when a hen will be physically developed enough to begin laying and not a precise time when she actually will lay her first egg. You might want to give them some privacy laugh (Just teasing)
We all went through this, waiting for that first find. Used to think my girls were holding them in till I discovered they went and made their own nests. All that prep work I did and they found their own private spot.
Just be patient Pierre.

Posted by: Pierre

Re: Point of lay? LONG - 08/17/05 12:40 PM

I GOT MY FIRST EGG!!!! I am in Georgia right now but I was called from NY with the news. I knew the minute I left they would lay!!
Posted by: BJC

Re: Point of lay? LONG - 08/17/05 11:59 PM

Yippy! I'm getting excited and I still have 3-4 months to go. Good luck and may you have more eggs than you know what to do with. laugh