"feathering out" different rates for different breeds?

Posted by: Larissa

"feathering out" different rates for different breeds? - 06/18/03 10:41 AM

Although my chicks are all about the same in body development at 5-6 weeks old, I've noticed that the Auracana chicks have had more developed feathers from day one than the Rhode Island.

I also found a picture online of a two-day-old Auracana with plenty of wing feathers. Does this breed get feathers really early? Do some even hatch out with feathers?

Aside from this it's been really interesting watching these aruacanas get their adult feathers. One chick which was all pale yellow at one week is now cream with really pretty orange-red feathers on her neck and head. The other one has feathered out looking like a grouse with black and brown checkered feathers.
Posted by: R. Okimoto

Re: "feathering out" different rates for different breeds? - 06/18/03 11:07 AM

Show stock Rhode Island Reds have sex-linked late-feathering. They feather out much more slowly than early feathering chicks. They can have bare backs for over 10 weeks.

Your Araucanas may have early feathering. I haven't heard that late-feathering was a breed characteristic. Ameraucanas can be both late and early feathered.
Posted by: Larissa

Re: "feathering out" different rates for different breeds? - 06/18/03 11:58 AM

So if Rhode Islands tend to feather out late, then I guess the second part of my question would be can I put her outside with the rest of them soon.

All the chicks are still in a large brooder in my basement and I would like to introduce them into their new outdoor coop this weekend. Is the Rhode Island going to be warm enough without her feathers complete? It averages about 70 degrees here in Portland during the day this time of year (although lately it has been in the 80's) and about 55-60 at night . The chicks have an enclosed hen house for shelter from rain and to roost in at night.
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Re: "feathering out" different rates for different breeds? - 06/18/03 05:26 PM

You can let them out. My new barred rock chicks had bare backs a month ago when I let them out for good, and it was much cooler then.