how hot?

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how hot? - 06/23/03 05:34 PM

How hot is to hot for chickens out side? I know they can suffer form the heat and wanted to know some way to help keep them cool. I offer then fresh water 24/7 and their is a lot of shade under their house.
Posted by: Bill Ludwig

Re: how hot? - 06/24/03 02:11 PM

Go to coops and equipment and look for ideal summer coop temp. It also talks about keeping things cool outside. I'm sure different breeds and individuals react differently to the heat. You will need to learn how your flock reacts. I like to give watermellon as a treat when its hot. It puts extra fluid in them and they realy like it laugh .

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Re: how hot? - 06/25/03 11:21 AM

My ladies LOVE watermelon!! smile It doesn't last long here. If i find my ladies getting to hot i bring out a house fan and put it in the coop blowing the air out. There will all lay in front of it with thier wings spread out. The meat birds do this more but the layers like it also. You go out there and there are chickens facing the fan with all the feathers on their heads blowing in all directions,it's really funny to watch.

I also just put in a north facing window that now stays open all night (it's lined with heavy wire and renforced on the sides) It keeps them nice and cool at night and there is always a breeze going through the coop.
Posted by: J. Henderson

Re: how hot? - 06/26/03 08:04 AM

A related question I've long wondered about: If the chickens descended from a tropical jungle fowl, how come they don't thrive in tropical jungle temperatures?
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Re: how hot? - 06/26/03 10:40 AM

We use large fans in our pens. A box fan will work too if you have a smaller run. When we turn the fans on in the mid morning all the chickens line up at the doors with their wings outstretched to get the cool air under the wings. We are getting up there now in temps(upper 80s low 90s) but the humidity is awful and makes the air thick and heavy and puts the heat index in upper 90s lower 100s. With weather like ours a fan and cool water is a must.

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Re: how hot? - 06/29/03 06:02 AM

jhenderson, in the jungles chickens are usually in the shade. I have seen wild jungle fowel in the Philippines and they are most active in the early morning and move around quite a bit at that time. as it becomes warmer they find shade and stay in it. They may scratch and pick some but mostly it will be in the shade and not far from water.. The heat we have here is not humid . In fact its very dry but my chickens do most of thier eating early in the morning and stay in the shade the rest of the time. You could walk by my checkens pens at 10 AM and not realize I had chickens. At 6 AM theyare all outside.