Rooster behavior - Jealousy?

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Rooster behavior - Jealousy? - 06/28/03 08:23 PM

First let me say that I am a chicken newbie (although I have experience w/ parrots) and I was reading the post "When do roosters turn vicious?" Am I trying to associate a human characteristic, jealously, to chickens? Also, this is from a pet chicken owner's perspective (so a lot of individual attention is given (eg. cooing to the pets).

In general, do they seem to be mean when they see attention given elsewhere that they would prefer given to themselves (and then punish the poor recipient), or do roosters just "punish" others that they observe and perceive exhibiting a "rooster" behavior?

With the chicks, it seems that they respond to affection and do get jealous. But I'm wondering about the adults. Thanks!!!

note: I noticed that parrots do seem to respond to jealousy. They remember and react angrily at a later time when "wronged". Also, you really can tell when a parrot is angry!!!
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Re: Rooster behavior - Jealousy? - 06/29/03 04:05 AM

Jealousy is a humane emotion. A rooster is simply wants to keep what he belives is his property (hens and territory). To lord over the flock is to ensure procreation for him. Chickens enteract with humans to get something, mainly food or the chance for food, protection, or petting if they like it. I've made spioled pets out of my chickens and often toss around words to indicated emotion in them, but I know its instinct for survival that makes them do these things. Its very hard not to view these actions as emotion when we are emotional beings. No thats not a quote from Star Trek..LOL :rolleyes: .
Well that my "opinion" on it.

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Re: Rooster behavior - Jealousy? - 06/29/03 08:20 PM

I agree with Bill, roosters don't get jealous, they just are territorial by nature. Not all roosters get 'vicious,' many never attack anyone. But for those who do become overly aggressive, there is no cure only management steps.
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Re: Rooster behavior - Jealousy? - 06/30/03 07:50 AM

Thanks for the info!!!
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Re: Rooster behavior - Jealousy? - 07/17/03 05:17 AM

I don't know what u would call it but I know my rooster will start pecking at my cat if I pet him infront of the then I pet the rooster and the cat slaps the rooster. It's an on going battle between them.