What's the reason for different protien levels?

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What's the reason for different protien levels? - 08/08/04 01:49 PM

I wonder why it's "taboo" to feed a young hen around 5-6 months, not yet laying, chick starter? I also wonder why a grown hen, who has been laying, can't eat chick starter? What if that's the only thing that stopped my chickens diarrhea when I was treating them for CRD? The ones I put on chick starter got better faster than the ones who stayed on layer? I guess my question is, what is the importance of protien levels?
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Re: What's the reason for different protien levels? - 08/08/04 02:12 PM

well some feed chick starter all the life of the chicken
so if it suits you and your hens feed it.

Actually the layers really only need 16%-18% protein and your chick starter is about 18%-20% probably.

so can't hurt them
generally you must put out a generous supply of oyster shell so they get calcium in the process as they use it readily in their egg shells
if it is not supplied then it will be drawn out of the hens bones.
also hope the hens keep laying.
Possibly the hens noticed the higher tasting feed as it has a rich taste and that would be the higher protein additives that are used.

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Re: What's the reason for different protien levels? - 08/09/04 01:30 PM

Review this thread. Caveny gives a good explaination for this. I found this by using the search at top right and searching for "protein".


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Re: What's the reason for different protien levels? - 08/10/04 10:09 PM

Read that whole thread and am still dumb!!! HA!
Is it o.k. that I started my pullets, 3-5 month olds, on layer too early??? One of them is laying one egg a day, don't know which one. I think it's one of my RIR. Should I switch them back to starter/grower? It sounds like it won't hurt my older chickens that I've picked up here and there to be on the starter??? I have three hens and a roo, Silkies, that are around 3 years, then two hens of unknown age, but for sure over 1 year.... they are not laying at all, since I got them... I had CRD, as you know Bill, and everyone is over it now. THANK HEAVENS. The one little pullet/hen, RIR, never did stop laying the whole time she was sick and her little tiny eggs have progressed into normal size eggs..
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Re: What's the reason for different protien levels? - 08/11/04 02:37 PM

I dont think you have done any harm. What works best for you is what you need to do. I wouldn't want very young chicks (up to say 10 or 12 weeks) on layer and giving your sick hens a higher protein starter when they were not laying anyway should be ok. I have my 5 month old pullets on layer now because I have merged them with my other layers. The concern about layer feed with young chicks is the added calcium, it can cause kidney damage. Some breeders use feed with 20 plus percent protein for thier birds. You have also heard or read that too high of protein may cause poulets to start to lay too early. I am not sure how often this happens and I think it is more likely to happen with high production hybribs. Alot of the study on chicken feed is based on the $ cost per egg. Protein is expensive so the idea is to have just enough without paying for any more than needed. I hope this helps clear up things a little bit confused . I am sure there is alot I dont know about the subject.