Contamination of eggs

Posted by: Nickers-3

Contamination of eggs - 08/19/09 08:16 AM

Is it true that if you have a hen setting on her nest and an egg goes bad and break in the nest that it contaminates and kills the other eggs?
Posted by: CJR

Re: Contamination of eggs - 08/19/09 09:11 AM

Not necessarily, and not if you quickly wash the other eggs and replace nesting material. Water should be WARMER than the eggs, then the bacteria will not be forced into the incubating eggs through the pores in the shells. Handle the hen carefully or she may abort the nest. You will have to check her feathers to remove the soiled ones or rinse those feathers. She may not respond well--but I have always been successful.
I have had eggs break in the nest because of thin shells (?), and cleaned the nest and rest of the eggs, but never have had an egg "go bad" in the nest--the rest of the eggs hatched just fine, even if they had yolk all over them. Wash water must be hot.CJR