Basic Genetic Questions

Posted by: ac1993

Basic Genetic Questions - 03/16/14 10:34 AM

Good day!

I'm starting to slowly understand chicken genetics (hopefully) hahaha. They're some genes that I can't quite fully grasp.

These are

A. Color distribution genes
birchen (ER)
brown (EB)

C. Color restricting genes
Columbian (Co)
Dark Brown (Db)
Mahogany (Mh)
Dilute (Di)
Melanotic (Ml)

I hope someone could explain this as simple as possible.

Thanks! laugh
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Re: Basic Genetic Questions - 03/16/14 11:46 AM

Takes a book or a classroom for me. I use a number of books, the easiest for some answers is: GENETICS OF CHICKEN COLOURS the BASICS by Sigrid van Dort--in Dutch Language or English translation, by Sigi, with David Hancox. Expensive, worth it. From the US, can order via Jerry Schexnayder, There is a website: that gives the list of her books available in Euros--and top of the list is Jerry, in US,----- write to him. Check availability from Australian site on that page, save a lot in Postage (or search Good luck
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Re: Basic Genetic Questions - 03/16/14 07:00 PM

Actually I ordered Sigi's book (Thanks Sigi! Very Nice!). I think I'm the first person in the Philippines to have it hahaha.

It has helped a lot but I still need simplification direct from the experts wink.

I hope you can help

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Re: Basic Genetic Questions - 03/18/14 11:39 AM

Have you checked this site?: