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NO EGGS - 11/17/15 07:39 AM

Hello from Arizona, I have 3 Americauna 27 weeks old and 1 Olive Egger that is 26 weeks old. None of which have laid an egg yet. Is this normal? I was under the understanding that they would start to lay around 20 weeks...Any advice on this subject would be very much appreciated. Thanks
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Re: NO EGGS - 11/17/15 11:10 PM

Well fed and managed, they will lay when they are mature enough. Large fowl, late fall maturing, may take a few weeks longer than you expected. Listen for the "singing", change of voices. Eggs will be along in a week or so! When the first pullet lays, the others will follow shortly. Fall and winter pullets usually do not need longer daylight to start their first laying session, so should not need an early morning light in their pen, but it is always an option. Do they have nice nest boxes ready? Sometimes in spite of that, first egg may be on the floor of the coop. Patience......cockerels crow...pullets lay eggs....and sometimes a good talking to, seems to help!!!!!!.
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Re: NO EGGS - 11/19/15 08:03 AM

They are well fed, 16-18% protien, oyster shell, greens, and they get out of the coop to forage for bugs and what not regularly. And yes they have good nest boxes too. I have 8 other "mixed breed" hens and am getting 4-6 eggs a day consistently from them. I will continue to be patient. As always thank you for your advice. This is a wonderful site and I have learned soo much from reading all of the previous posts in all the catagories. Cindy
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Re: NO EGGS - 11/19/15 12:51 PM

There you are--young birds in a pen of older hens may be intimidated? Not welcome to investigate nest boxes? First eggs may be on the floor--and at risk for eating, so check often, if you can. Mixed age flocks are not easy for most pullets/hens, even mixed breed are not always easy. (Sometimes there are no problems, but that has not been my long time experience!--I rarely mix ages of hens/pullets.) They WILL lay when their systems adjust--it is what they do! Good luck.
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Re: NO EGGS - 04/10/16 07:42 PM

Well by golly you were right! They are all laying up a storm now. sorry that it has been so long before I responded. My computer died and I could not replace it right away. And now I have added 4 more girls that I inherited. Right now I have them separated from my flock in a separate coop. They are all able to see each other so hopefully I will be able to mix them soon. The new ones are all laying too.
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Re: NO EGGS - 05/05/16 03:01 PM

Good that your pullets began to lay for you. My flock are mixed ages and the older girls have just gone through a heavy moult. Only a few of last springs chicks are laying at present, so I don't expect the bulk of the hens to begin before the end of June as I don't use lights in the coop and our daylight is rapidly shortening.