Chicken ramp

Posted by: Vanderpool

Chicken ramp - 07/29/16 06:55 AM

Building a chicken coop. Does anyone know a surface on a ramp that chickens will walk up but snakes will not? I was thinking crushed oyster shells?
Posted by: Redcap

Re: Chicken ramp - 07/29/16 01:48 PM

Couldn't You create a snake-free area by a snake-fence?

With this fence, it could be possible to reduce additionally the mouse invasion and protect the chicks (if the poultry fence has bigger mesh size) against cats, other four feet predator and snakes. I would prefer the Boddington fence, as it is more stable and probably longer persistent as the real snake fence - If You don't prefer the traditional solution with stainless steel wire mesh with similar mesh size?
Posted by: Robbie

Re: Chicken ramp - 07/30/16 05:43 AM

How high can snakes climb? Can you design the ramp so that it does not touch the ground, so the chickens have to jump up to the first step?
Posted by: CJR

Re: Chicken ramp - 07/30/16 06:45 PM

Depending upon both the height and type of chickens (heavies?), you may have happier and healthier chickens, if they can FLY up, rather than walk up a ramp. Even a box to jump up on first, can be a better alternative.
This eliminates the mouse problem, also. Can't post pictures of several alternatives, but I no longer use ramps at all. It also makes it easier for you to care for the birds, not having to work around a ramp.