Eggs laid in 35 degree weather

Posted by: Sadie_J

Eggs laid in 35 degree weather - 12/06/16 06:33 PM

Hi there! I am new to raising chickens - we hatched three on July 5th and we got our very first eggs today! Nothing this morning, but tonight there were two over in the corner of the coop.

I know that normally you do not need to refrigerate the eggs, but because these have been sitting out in 35 degree weather, do I need to put them in the fridge?

I feel like we cant possibly ever eat them - they are so AMAZING to look at! HAHA!

Any advice would be so appreciated. Thank you everyone!
Posted by: Robbie

Re: Eggs laid in 35 degree weather - 12/07/16 05:32 PM

Nothing beats the thrill of the first pullet eggs grin And it never gets old.

From a food safety perspective, eggs are best collected as soon as possible and kept in the fridge. What can happen is that if cold eggs are brought into a warmer environment, moisture can condense on the cold egg shell. It's possible that bacteria can move through the pores in the shell and infect them. Eggs are an excellent growth media for bacteria. I usually toss any eggs that are soiled- just being extra careful. Food poisoning is no joke and should be taken very seriously, so I don't take risks with my eggs.

I usually weigh my first pullet eggs, just for fun. Most of my pullet eggs start out in the 30-40 gram range but then increase in size as the hens get older.
Posted by: Foehn

Re: Eggs laid in 35 degree weather - 12/09/16 02:17 PM

With your 35 degree temp marginally above freezing, as long as the egg hasn't cracked it will be fine. Just put in fridge to "warm" up slightly and use fairly soon.
We run our fridge at 4 degrees C, so that's a bit over 39F so what you are looking for is to raise the temp more slowly than room temperature will give.

We don't have snow here, but do get some frosts. I only ever keep my eggs at room temperature, but it is the coolest room. South side of house in laundry. Oh and so as not to confuse you, we are Southern hemisphere.
Posted by: CJR

Re: Eggs laid in 35 degree weather - 12/10/16 10:52 PM

Just cook the eggs, too bad about fear of harmful bacteria--greatly overstated . You know that wild bird eggs (for instance Puffins eggs) are still collected from their holes, all during incubation--and eaten--safely. (Not me, but there are many who do have access to fresh eggs). And although I do refrigerate my eggs, I have kept 7 or 8 dozen in the fridge for more than 2 months--eaten them, cooked or in baking--they are still better than "store" eggs! Don't waste lovely eggs. Wash dirty eggs, in hot water---seldom have them, as the birds are never outside in rain or wet ground, so do not track dirty feet into the nest boxes. Enjoy those eggs! Best food!