Hens shedding feathers...badly

Posted by: Anonymous

Hens shedding feathers...badly - 07/31/09 10:43 PM

We have a hen who is around 18 months old and who has just hatched her first batch of eggs and who is now shedding her feathers very badly. Every day I go out to her it looks like a fox has been in the run and gobbled her up leaving the feathers!
Is this normal once hens come off the eggs or has the timing coincideded with the molt I'm to expect at this time...so I've been told? My other hens who are the same age and separated from her and the chicks are not molting.
Many thanks for you help in advance
Posted by: Rog

Re: Hens shedding feathers...badly - 07/31/09 11:05 PM

Bet it is a molt. I have had several hens that hatch chicks this time of year and go into molt. I wouldn`t worry about it to much. Rog
Posted by: Foehn

Re: Hens shedding feathers...badly - 08/01/09 04:24 AM

Not at all unusual for a hen to moult when she's been sitting. Changes of hormones will often trigger it. Good opportunity to do a careful inspection of her and make sure she has no mites or lice as sitting hens are often targeted by these nasties. With her feathers missing it will be easier to see if she has any.