a rooster?

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a rooster? - 10/19/08 05:48 PM

What are the first signs a "chicken" shows that it is really a rooster? and at what age? I have 2 easter eggers (my first chickens ever) and one seems more aggressive than the other.
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Re: a rooster? - 10/19/08 08:37 PM

Well...aggression can be present in males and females.

In males you will generally notice the comb becoming red and the wattles becoming elongated. The tail will also become "curved" where as the females tails will stay rounded off or "square."

The males will also have pointy saddle and hackle feathers whereas the females will have rounded feathers in those area.
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Re: a rooster? - 10/20/08 01:53 AM

Young roosters will often "play fight" but this on its own is not an indication as females will do this too. Careful observation over time can sometimes give you more clues though. For instance, a cockerel may stand a little bolder, and more upright. He may dominate his siblings, and seem more curious about humans. As jrsygnt says, the wattles will become more pronounced and they usually show these symptoms ahead of pullets of the same age. Age for this does vary in different breeds however. In some breeds the females feather faster than the males, so this can also be a help.
I can't help you with Easter Eggers as I have no experience with them, but someone else who knows this breed may be able to give you some more informaton.
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Re: a rooster? - 10/20/08 11:03 AM

Thanks, at age do they cock-a-doodle-do??
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Re: a rooster? - 10/20/08 11:06 AM

Actually,Easter Egger is not a breed, but a general term used to describe chickens that usually carry the blue egg gene "O". They can be any shape, color (usually a mixture of colors), or temperament. Oftentimes they have muffs & beards and won't have much if any wattle. As far as sexing is concerned, you may have to wait until the comb, hackles, and saddles are far enough along to differentiate between male and female.