"Straight run?"

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"Straight run?" - 03/13/04 08:18 PM

I am thinking of buying some chicks, possibly from McMurray's, and I was wondering when they don't give you male and female and it gives a price and says straight run, what does that mean? I would sure appreciate any help. Thanks.
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Re: "Straight run?" - 03/13/04 08:29 PM

Straight run...not sexed. You got a 50/50 chance of either sex. The smaller the order the better the chance of more roos than hens or visa versa.

I buy my Bantam from Ideal poultry. They allow small orders. $20 dollar min but no min on quantity of birds. Order just has to be at least 20 bucks. They take paypal too. I'm sorry, frown I really like Ideal Poulrty. Nice people, nice birds.

So far it has always been good and runs close to 50/50 on the Bantams I've bought.

Its a flip of the coin. You can end up with alot of the wrong sex, or the right sex. confused :rolleyes:

Hope that helped.
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Re: "Straight run?" - 03/16/04 12:02 PM

Thanks so much Shanti,

I was hoping there was another place also to order from where you did not have to buy at least 25 chicks. I am so excited. My chicks should arrive next week-25 of them. Could you tell me what exactly broody or brooding means? Also more about candling? Anything you could tell me would be a great help. Thanks again for your reply.
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Re: "Straight run?" - 03/16/04 01:47 PM

Hi fatcat78,

Broody, Brooding...A hen that wants to sit and hatch an egg. I have read all sorts of ways to 'break them' if you done want them doing it. I also read about hens that sit all the time and some that sit for just a short while.

I had one hen that went broody. During her broody period, there were no fertile eggs, as I have no rooster, so I retrieved eggs as they were layed, anyhow, she would sit on anything 'round' and wait for it to hatch. She got so bad that I seperated her and she still sat on 'air'. She didnt stop her broodiness untill 2 months had past. Meanwhile I had returned her to the coop since seperating her didnt stop her from sitting. One day she just got up and stopped her sitting. I guess she finally realized that even if she wants babies, it aint happening.

As for candling, do a google search for 'candling eggs' and you will find tons of info. I candle all my eggs that I artifically incubate to make sure there developing properly. It really cool to candle an egg and see the heartbeat!

The best candler light is the probe-lite by MDS. I dont know what I'd do without it. It has a long flexible neck so you dont even have to move the eggs to candle them. Theres a pic at the bottom of this www page: http://www.signalherp.com/products.htm

There are a few places on the internet to buy them. I dont even remember where I bought mine from. My probe-lite is over 10 yeras old and still my most important item for my bird hobby.
They also sell them at, http://www.dblrsupply.com/index-incubators.php?page=/store/incubatorcandlers.html

Hope that helps.
smile Good Day !!
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Re: "Straight run?" - 03/16/04 10:23 PM


I went to Ideal and looked, that site is awesome! They have such a variety and very reasonably priced. Also, their in Texas and I'm in OK so not much traveling distance for the little chicks. Thanks again so much for your help. Holli