Peacock peafowl Chicks

Posted by: Sarang16

Peacock peafowl Chicks - 10/04/13 10:42 AM

Hi I have a pair of peafowl that just laid there first offspring this summer. The chicks have been fine for about a month or so. There were six till this week when one of them suddenly felt ill and passed away. Another seems to have fallen ill in a similar manner. Can anyone advise me on what to do or what is going on since they have been fine until now is it something they might have eaten? Is there special attention that should be paid to peafowl chick. Please advise me accordingly.
Posted by: Altair

Re: Peacock peafowl Chicks - 10/04/13 08:26 PM

You said "fallen ill" but left out any details differentiating from blood poisoning to heat stroke. What did it act like, what are you feeding, how were its droppings, how long is "suddenly", type of environment, etc.

A necropsy wouldn't hurt, especially if more than one peafowl seem effected.
Posted by: Sarang16

Re: Peacock peafowl Chicks - 10/05/13 12:59 PM

We are located In Chicago and the weather is getting a little cold right now we feed them gamebird feed, fruits, and lettuce, cranberries, and sometimes we feed them walnuts. Their mother is with them all the time too to prevent harm. Their droppings are white and watery. Another one just passed away today.
Posted by: Altair

Re: Peacock peafowl Chicks - 10/06/13 07:23 PM

If it were me, anything sudden amounting to plural deaths/sickness warrants a necropsy. It's hard to fight back when you don't know your enemy.