Peacock treading chickens

Posted by: CountryLilly

Peacock treading chickens - 10/04/14 06:03 AM

my peacock is only young. He is maybe six or seven months old. Has no tail and no spurs. I have currently got him and her penned with my three chickens until peacock yard is built. The peacock is treading the chickens. ???? has anyone had this happen.
Posted by: Wieslaw

Re: Peacock treading chickens - 10/05/14 05:16 PM

Youtube is filled up with videos of various animals trying to copulate with another species, even not necessarily closely related, like drakes copulating with chickens, chickens with dogs or cats and so on. So it is not something rare. Rabits take "everything that moves".
Posted by: Kaalnek

Re: Peacock treading chickens - 10/06/14 12:07 PM

Young peafowl do everything the adults do- except the females don't lay eggs until much later...

I've seen chicks as young as ONE week old go through all the treading/mating actions. Sometimes there will be a few juveniles that like to engage in the behaviour fairly frequently.

From what I can tell it seems to be regarded as play for them. There's no harm in it.

Adult peacocks can fertilize chickens and guineas, all turn out mules though- not fertile.