Tom Turkey as a pet.

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Tom Turkey as a pet. - 08/23/11 04:02 PM

Here is a video with a pet Tom Turkey.
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Re: Tom Turkey as a pet. - 11/18/11 08:14 PM

My tom turkey is a pet. I raised Buddy from a day old chick. He was the only one of 3 that survived so he was a bit spoiled. By the time he could go out, there were no other turkeys so he lived in the chicken coop. They were mean to him so I would pick him up and hand feed him everyday. He started flying up to sit on my arm to eat from his cup and he did that everyday so I started saying Buddy Up and he would fly up. He finally got so big he had to put one foot on my shoulder or I couldn't hold my arm up then later he was just too big and heavy to even try. He loves hugs and will follow kids around till they pet him, they can lay over him and give him hugs and the last time I had a 4H group out here (I donated some hatching eggs and chicks to them) one little 8 yr old boy picked him up and brought him over to me and said "can I have this one??" He was so earnest about it, it was the cutest. There are even young men (24-25 yr old) that are here frequently who are our sons friends, and they hug Buddy too (kind of looks silly but it's funny to watch). He follows everyone around. I call his name and he Gobbles to me. He goes out and calls in the wild hen turkeys sometimes. A few days ago there were about 30 of the wild hens out in the pasture near the front yard. I'm downloading the youtube video, with my slow dial up I may not be able to download it but I'll try
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Re: Tom Turkey as a pet. - 11/23/11 05:23 PM

What a nice story!