Any buff columbian Dutch out there?

Posted by: Prob

Any buff columbian Dutch out there? - 11/13/14 10:14 AM

Hello. We are looking for buff columbian Dutch. Really appreciated anyone kindly knows where to get them.
Posted by: coopmaster

Re: Any buff columbian Dutch out there? - 11/15/14 12:49 PM

The Buff Columbian Dutch in the US/CAN, were genetically sorted out from the imported Mille Fleur Dutch. Sold all mine several years ago, but had a Wheaten hen that has given me pullets (with very little Columbian striping in hackle.) These are the pale Buff color of DUTCH Buff Columbians. Now, again, have just one Buff Columbian cockerel, and IF there are requests AND they can be picked up at the farm, AND will be responsible breeders, I will hatch in the Spring. They are not "approved" by ABA/APA in Dutch. The Blue Buff Columbians were my favorites, but I have no birds to make them again. The Dutch Bantam Society website will soon have a breeders list--may find several breeders who still have some??
Posted by: CJR

Re: Any buff columbian Dutch out there? - 11/18/14 11:17 PM

Ken? Did you phone about Buff Columbian Dutch. Answering machine was not clear enough to get the telephone number. Can you phone again?