New to Dutch

Posted by: SuspectXX

New to Dutch - 01/09/16 08:37 PM

We are new here and to the Dutch Bantam. As you can see I have a pretty excited 8 year old on my hands. A huge thank you to Mr. Johnny Sprouse for getting us started with a trio of awesome light brown dutch. We both look forward to showing/breeding/and carrying on these great lines.
Posted by: Robbie

Re: New to Dutch - 01/10/16 11:57 AM

Your banties are lovely. Just think how excited he'll be when he gets the first egg. Good luck!
Posted by: CJR

Re: New to Dutch - 01/10/16 05:35 PM

Thanks to Johnny Sprouse, many have obtained lovely Dutch Bantams!!!!!!!!!!Take good care of these birds, and learn to prepare them for Show. Showmanship is a good project, and many Dutch are also great showmanship partners. Good luck!