Printing question

Posted by: Sandy V.

Printing question - 02/18/10 01:34 AM

I tried to email you at the contact link but it bounced back. Something is wrong there. Anyway, here's my question. Perhaps you can help me here. I looked in the FAQs, and it's not listed there.

In the past Iím sure Iíve managed to print off a thread using a special printer friendly option somewhere, but I donít seem to be able to find it now. Has it disappeared, or did it never exist and Iíve just gone nutty?

Posted by: Foehn

Re: Printing question - 02/18/10 02:29 AM

If you do a search for the topic you want, there is a button called "Topic options" in the left upper corner. One of those options is to print the topic.
This does not appear to be on the "Topic Options" in the index of posts,if there is a single post on the thread. Hope this helps.