What date?

Posted by: Viola

What date? - 01/14/13 03:44 AM

I`m very new to this site, only been a member for some weeks now and I still have problems to read what date the thred was created or answered to.
The problem is that I am from Sweden and here we write 111210 and that means 10th of december year 2011 but here it says for exampel 12/10/10 and I have figured out that the middle number is the day because I have seen numbers over 12. But for year and month I can not really read if it is year or month first. Maybe if I can see a new thred made this year, but so far I haven`t seen one. (It`s not really a big problem, but nice to know if the thred is old or new grin)
Posted by: Viola

Re: What date? - 01/14/13 03:45 AM

Well now I got my own answer!!!!!
Month/day/Year!!! :-)
Posted by: Wieslaw

Re: What date? - 01/14/13 03:31 PM

Viola, Welcome to the coop.
Posted by: Moderator2

Re: What date? - 01/14/13 03:44 PM

Hello Viola, Welcome to the Classroom! You can change the time/date format to one that is familiar to you. Click on My Stuff at the top and then click on Edit Preferences go down the page to find What Time Format Do You Want To Use and there you may select the time/date format that best works for you. You can also offset the time to reflect your local time just below the date format.
Posted by: Viola

Re: What date? - 01/15/13 05:27 AM

Thank you very much for the welcome and for the tip. I sure will make the changes so that I donīt always have to think twice what day it is! :-). Thanks!!!