Posted by: FineFowl

pics - 01/27/13 12:16 PM

cant post pics, how do i do it?

it wants a url for my avatar, isnt a url a website address??
Posted by: Maria Ricardo

Re: pics - 01/27/13 02:04 PM

In Board Guidlines and Issues there is a thread - Posting Photos. It will tell you how.
Posted by: FineFowl

Re: pics - 01/27/13 03:19 PM

so i have to post them on another site to get them here. why is it that we cant just upload from our comps??
Posted by: Moderator2

Re: pics - 01/27/13 04:16 PM

Hello FineFowl,welcome to the Classroom, yes you need to place your pics on a host site such as photo bucket. This site is not set up to handles pics.
Posted by: Theropod

Re: pics - 12/24/13 06:22 AM

I have a large number of photographs that will be used in threads. How can they be uploaded rapidly? Most were used in another site I abandoned but do not want to keep linking to that cite becuase immages are already there. The linking process is slow at best.

I am familiar with photobucket but have concern about ownership of images.
Posted by: Wieslaw

Re: pics - 12/24/13 02:02 PM

What exactly do you mean by "I have concern about ownership of images"
Posted by: Theropod

Re: pics - 12/24/13 03:17 PM

My concern is that images loaded on to photobucket could be limited in their uses that I might have for them later because photobucket may then have a say.
Posted by: Wieslaw

Re: pics - 12/24/13 04:21 PM

I have used Photobucket for several years and never heard anything like it.
After you've uploaded the pictures, try them out here with preview reply. Sometimes, for unknown reasons, some pictures are too big?? or something??, and the page on my screen "explode" horizontally, (which is annoying, but it also may be my computer, who knows)

When you copy your links to the pictures , it is the lowest one in GET LINKS.
Posted by: Wieslaw

Re: pics - 12/25/13 05:06 AM

Now Theropod mentioned his/her concerns, I suddenly recalled an episode I had not so long ago, after Photobucket made one of their numerous changes. I wanted to remove my pictures from another forum I was no longer participating in. I went to Photobucket and deleted the involved pictures.They disappeared from the display page. I thought everything was finished. To my amazement I discovered some days later, that the pictures were still showing on the forum, although they did not show any longer in my Photobucket. I pointed it out to the crew and then they disappeared at last. Now I'm thinking: is this a part of any major "survaillence plan" that US is "famous" for? I mean that the pictures do not disappear but are stored forever some place?
Posted by: Theropod

Re: pics - 12/25/13 05:17 AM

Link setup using a Kindle. Not easy for me. I am not able to navigate Photobucket with Toughbook likely becuase of old software.

Image I am able to upload is very low resolution.
Posted by: Theropod

Re: pics - 12/25/13 05:55 AM

How do I get image to open automatically into a posting. The need for clicking on URL is not desired.
Posted by: Wieslaw

Re: pics - 12/25/13 08:30 AM

You place the cursor on the picture you want to post. There is a wheel with teeth in the upper rigt corner popping up.You move your cursor on the wheel and a list is showing up. You click on Get Links

You click on the bottom choice(IMG codes), it becomes yellow. You paste it in your tekst here.

Before the change in Photobucket there was an option for deciding the size of the uploading pictures. I have no idea where it is now. Anybody else??
Posted by: Theropod

Re: pics - 12/25/13 05:38 PM

I am using a Kindle and Panasonic Toughbook in parallel. Neither produces a display like you indicate and the displays are different between machines as well.
Posted by: Theropod

Re: pics - 12/25/13 05:58 PM

Posted by: Theropod

Re: pics - 12/25/13 06:00 PM

Kindle transfer from home.

New PC from lab.

Most of problem appears to be a function of computer and operating system used.