Dropbox group for Coop members?

Posted by: Redcap

Dropbox group for Coop members? - 05/15/16 07:58 AM

I want to suggest to create a dropbox group for Coop members to share papers between Coop members. Every paper saved by a member in the dropbox file would be shared online to the other members ... and every member would have an "always" up to date data file of the papers on his hard drive.

I just wanted to post two papers at the documents area and got this error message.
Posted by: Foehn

Re: Dropbox group for Coop members? - 07/22/16 04:57 PM

Redcap, I don't know much about dropbox, but could it be that the paper you have uploaded was protected in some way therefore unable to be shared? Someone else' paper rather than your own?
I have more recently run across problems with Google images under the old picassa system where they have tightened up on security. Where I used to be able to post pictures here with no problems, I cannot now see where I can change to "anyone who has the link" It's either share with everyone on the web, which I'd rather not, or a password is required. All urls now marked with https. I had to open a photobucket account to get round this and am now bombarded with advertising rubbish.
Posted by: Redcap

Re: Dropbox group for Coop members? - 07/23/16 09:44 AM

I really don't know, why the content wasn't accepeted. But this wasn't the first time, that there were problems to make postings in the documents area.
Posted by: Henk69

Re: Dropbox group for Coop members? - 03/11/18 04:06 AM

Does this problem still occur?